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Nov. 29, 2006
Unlock Pete
This is only for Powerstone 1. Pete Beat the game once with any character.

Unlock Weapons
Complete the game a certain number of times to unlock new, PSP specific weapons:

Amenomurakumo - Beat Game Five Times.
Crystal Ball - Beat Game Three Times.
Decoy Bomb - Beat Game Six Times.
Giant Boots - Beat Game Seven Times.
Manches Chainsaw - Beat Game Eight Times
Soccer Ball - Beat Game Twice.
Totem Hammer - Beat Game Nine Times.
Twin Potion - Beat Game Four Times.

Unlock Bosses - Power Stone One
Final Form Valgas - Complete the game with Valgas.
Kraken - Complete the game with all characters (Except PS2 Characters).
Valgas - Complete the game with Kraken.

Unlock Original Special Weapons From PS1
Complete the game once with any character to unlock all the original secret weapons from Power Stone one.

Machine Gun - Beat Game Once.
Nyoi-Bo - Beat Game Once.
Power Shield - Beat Game Once.
Ray Gun - Beat Game Once.

Unlock the two '???' mini games
In the Power Stone Collection Menu there is one mini game already unlocked. By obtaining enough medals in a mini game, you can unlock the other games.

Ayame's Shuriken mini game - Obtain at least 500 medals.
Gunrock's Slot mini game - Obtain at least 1000 medals.

Unlock Characters - Power Stone One
Accel - Beat the game with Gourmond.
Gourmond - Beat the Game with Julia.
Julia - Beat the Game with Pete.
Pete - Beat the game once with any character.

Unlock Characters - Power Stone Two
Finish 1 on 3 Mode using the following characters to unlock the extra characters for use in Power Stone 2:

Mel - Finish 1 on 3 mode with Pride.
Pride & Kraken - Finish 1on 3 mode with Falcon.
Valgas - Finish 1 on 3 mode with Kraken

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