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Aug. 14, 2010
Aug. 14, 2010
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Movie Gallery
Movie gallery can be unlocked by encountering certain monsters:

Advent of Disaster - Encounter Red Fatalis in the "Plate of Calamity" quest.
Avian Master of Jungle - Encounter Yian Kut Ku in the "Great Jungle Kut Ku" quest.
Blue Hunter - Encounter Velociprey in "Your First Monster Hunt" quest.
CorneredMonoblos - Encounter Monoblos in "Horn of the Monoblos".
Diablos Ecology - Defeat Diablos in "The Diablos".
Divine Providence - Encounter Rathalos in the Rathalos Urgent quest.
DragonofJaggedRocks - Encounter Azure Lao-Shan Lung in the 8 Star "A Giant Dragon Invades" quest.
Gravios Ecology - Defeat Gravios in "The Terror of Gravios".
Khezu Ecology Defeat khezu in "Attack of the Cave Wyvern".
King of the Heavens - Encounter Rathalos in the One Star egg carry quest.
Lao-Shan Lung - Encounter Lao Shan Lung.
LegendofBlackDragon - Encounter Fatalis.
Menace in the Sand - Encounter Cephladrome in the "Land Shark" quest.
Plesioth Ecology - Defeat Plesioth in "Water Wyvern of the Desert".
Poison of the Swamp - Encounter Gypceros in the swamp.
Rathian Ecology Complete "The Fierce Flaming Rathian" quest.
Shepard - Encounter Velocidrome in the "The Formidable Velocidrome!" quest.
SupremeRulerInferno - Encounter Gravios.
The Lone Black Wolf - Encounter Yian Garuga in the slay 20 Velociprey quest.
The Phantom Beast - Encounter Kirin.
TheAncientPiscine - Encounter Plesioth.
WhiteShadowDarkness - Complete "Bring me a khezu".

Training School
To unlock the training school, you have to unlock the Lvl 2 missions from the town sage and complete the mission 'The Great Jungle Kut-Ku'. This will unlock a training school for you to fight against the kut-ku with limited weapons,armour and items. When you beat other powerful monsters they are also trainable against here.

Beat the Yian Garuga 'Urgent Quest' easily
First have nothing in your inventory except for a spiderweb. Then start the quest. Run to area 7 on the map and talk to the man there, he will take your spiderweb and give you a special mushroom. After you recieve the mushroom, wait until the time run's out. When time runs out, the game thinks you beat the quest.

Strongest sword
If you get the rusted great sword from the stone, DON'T throw it away. If you up-grade it a lot, it will become the strongest sword in the game.

Wyvern Fighting With Swords
SPRINT up to the monster and hit the [Triangle] button to execute a downward strike and remember,you can do dodge rolls while holding the great sword,so roll underneath the wyvern and keep using the side and backward slashes,they have no defense at all when you're underneath them,so if you get hit and roll away,just run straight back underneath him,this works for almost all of them except for the desert wyvern and a few others,try this in multiplayer,it will take seconds to slay a yiun kutku with 4 people using this technique!

Easy Rathian Plate & Lost Umbrella
To get the Rathian plate and Lost umbrella easily, you'll need to get yourself packed with lots of recovery items. First take care of your pig first (poogie) cause it'll raise your luck a lot, then eat at Felyne kitchen so you get status boost. Start the Guild quest "Slay the Gendrome" (Hard class with 4 stars). Go straightly to area 5 there'll be a Rathian, kill it and make sure you cut its tail! While fighting the rathian, the Gendrome will join the party as well so weaken it in order to make it flee.

Slay the Rathian right away and don't let it flee from area 5. If it does, the percentage of you getting the Rathian plate is decreased many times.

After you killed the Rathian at area 5 before it flees, carve her corpse up. If the glitch works, you'll only get "flame sac" from each carve. But you'll get the Rathian plate from its tail! Remember you must slay the Rathian right away before she flees or you don't get it.

For the Lost Umbrella, you'll need to slay the Rathian first then slay the 3 Gendromes. Make sure you slay the last Gendrome near area 9 so you can get there easier.

Go to the fallen tree and search the part near (not at) the plant or mushroom. Try the end of the tree bark for best results. You'll eventually get the Lost Umbrella. The precentage of getting it about 80 percent.

Boss Weaknesses
This is the list of bosses weaknesses:

Basarios - Dragon
Blangongga - Fire
Cephandrome - Ice
Chamelos - Fire
Congalala - Fire
Daimyo Hermituar - Thunder
Diablos - Ice
Gravios - Water
Gypceros - Fire
Khezu - Fire
Kushala Doara - Dragon
Lunastra - Dragon
Monolobos - Thunder
Plesioth - Thunder
Rathalos - Ice
Rathian - Dragon
Shogun Ceanatuar - Thunder
Teostra - Dragon
Tigrex - Thunder
Yian Garuga - Water
Yian Kut Tu - Water

Advanced Money Making Scheme
This is for all of toughs veterans out there (400 hours +). Back when I started this game I would have hoped for a better way of making money than selling meat, which was not my idea by the way. So here's the way we get money.

My Stats:
HR: 5
GP: 119115
Money: 140,000 ish
Attack: 1332
Defence: 173
Weapon of choice: G.Sword

Any HR 1 - G ranked can do this you may need some mates for this because it yields more money and it makes it so much easier for you. First you and all your mates need to get good enough to find killing a Kut-Ku a laborious task. Now you and your mates need to get to your online gathering hall and find the storm of the Kut-Ku mission located in four star quests. Its in the great arena so its not to hard to find them. This mission is very laborious at points but you don't have to do it much the yield is around 40,000z + depending on the parts you get I usually take only the items I need like potions, herbs, blue mushrooms, honey, combo books vol. 1-5 and well done steak etc. Also go to your cats and get the blessed wine and any meat combo which gives you attack and vitality up. Then set out and blast and hack your way through the Kut-Ku till time the out if you can. Try to roll as much as you can to avoid being hit by the flailing tails and fire. Then all you have to do is sell your yield to some rich mug in the village bobs your uncle loads a money.

Optional Guild Titles
New Village Friend - Clear all of the village Chief's lv 1 and lv2 quests.
Village Defender - Clear all of the village Chief's lv 3 and lv4 quest.
Top-Class Hunter - Clear all of the village Chief's lv 5 quests.
Hero of Koto - Clear all of the village Chief's quests.
(Wyvern Type) Hunter - Kill 20 wyverns of that type.
(Wyvern Type) - Kill 50 wyverns of that type.
Giant - Kill a monster worth one gold crown.
Mining Millionaire - Develop the Kokoto Mining area to the max.
Fishing Millionaire - Develop the Kokoto Fishing area to the max.
Harvest Millionaire - Develop the Kokoto Farm area to the max.
Bug Catching Millionaire - Develop the Kokoto Bug Catching area to the max.
Volcanic Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Volcanic Belt area.
Swamp Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Swamp area.
Desert Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Desert area.
Jungle Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Jungle area.
Forest & Hills Guide - Complete several dozen missions in the Forest Hill area.
Bourgeoisie Hunter - Current cash must be more than 200'000 zenny.
Weak Hunter - Accrue 100 hours of game play time.
Plesioth Angler - Catch a Plesioth while fishing during a mission.

HR Rank Up
To rank up from HR1 to HR2, you must complete the following 4-star Gathering Hall Guild quests:

The Land Shark
Trouble in the Swamp
Jungle Menace
Attack of the Yian Kut-Ku
Catch a Yian Kut-Ku
Catch a Gypceros

After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest (Four Horns) will appear. Clear it for HR2 rank. To rank up from HR2 to HR3, you must complete the following 5-star Gathering Hall Guild quests:

Basarios: Unseen Peril
Wyvern in the Darkness
Get me a live Khezu!
The Desert Plesioth
Water Wyvern in the Jungle
The Runaway Diablos
The Fearsome Gravios
A Troublesome Pair

After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest (Giant Dragon Invasion) will appear. Clear it for HR3 rank. To rank up from HR3 to HR4, you must complete the following 6-star Gathering Hall Guild quests:

Attack of the Yian Kut-Ku
Trapped by Yian Kut-Ku
Trouble in the Swamp
The Poison Siege
The Two Sand Shadows

After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest (Thunderous Duo) will appear. Clear it for HR4 rank. To rank up from HR4 to HR5, you must complete the following 7-star Gathering Hall Guild quests:

The Shadow in the Cave
Basarios: Invisible Terror
Two Rock Wyverns
The Land and the Sky

After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest (Pink & Azure) will appear. Clear it for HR5 rank.

To unlock the normal Fatalis quest, you must complete the following 8-star Gathering Hall Guild quests:

Queen of the Jungle (Gold)
Slay the Rathalos (Silver)
Water Wyvern in the Jungle (Green)
The Runaway Diablos
The Runaway Diablos (Black)
Volcanic Valor
Wyverns of Land and Sky (Gold & Silver)

After you have completed the above quests, an Emergency Quest (Giant Dragon Invasion) will appear. Clear it to unlock Legendary Black Dragon mission. Clear that to unlock Plate of Calamity, Rage of Yian Garuga, and Thunder & Lightning.

Unlock Avian Master of Jungle
You'll get it when you see Yian Kut Ku in the "Great Jungle Kut Ku" quest.

Pet Pig
Near the beginning of the game, you will see a pig following a man around the village. Stroke it and music will play. As soon as the music stops, press X and the pig will become yours.

Easy Money
Complete all level 1 quests. After this, talk to the main near your house. He is to the left of the south entrance. He will let you go to the Koto farm. Once there, do everything you can (mining, fishing, etc.), then leave and sell the items you obtained. Then, go to the wise person but do not talk to him. Instead, look behind him. You will see a house. Try going in the offline hall. When you get there, you will see lots of things. Speak to the girl with the red dress in between the wise old man and the girl in the blue dress. Talk to her, and she will give you a list of quests. Go to the top and choose the easiest level. One of the missions will be a gathering mission, but nothing for you to gather. Choose it and start the quest. Go to the supply box and get Paw Print out of it. Deliver it to the other box and you will have completed the quest. Once you are back in town, go to the Koto farm and get more items. Sell them and repeat the process again. This is an easy way to make money, and is also a good way to help renovate the Koto farm.

Complete all level 1 of the wise person. Select the last mission. You will need 200Z for the mission fee and one or two picks. Start the mission. Get the supplies and eat the meat to get more resistance. Follow this route 2 to 5. If you find an Gendrome here, kill it. Then go to 10 to 11. On 11 you will need to mine to get the crystal. Then, return from the same route. From 10 run straight to 5. Run in zigzags to 2 (walk or run). There is nothing here that can attack you (except for the Gendrome sometimes). At 1 deliver the crystal and you will get the 3000Z and 200 multiplied by 2Z of the fee.

Do the "Gathering" quest for Forest/Hills, where you just have to deliver the Paw Pass ticket in the supply box. In the supply box, grab your map and your Paw Pass Ticket. Go to Area 2. Search around the first rock you see on the left when entering from Area 1. You will get either a Kut-Ku Scale or a Paintberry. Just sell the Kut-Ku Scales for easy money.

Do the "Gathering" quest for Swamp in the Four Star guild quests, where you just have to deliver the Paw Pass Ticket in the supply box. Bring pickaxes. If you are bringing Iron, bring four because they will constantly keep breaking. To get good money, enter all the caves and mine all the areas. You can get ores such as Dragonite, Union, Machalite, etc. Sell them or keep them for smithing.

"Deliver the Egg" Quest
Take out all the potions and rations. It is also helpful to bring some well done steaks. Go to Area 2 and kill every Velocoprey that jumps in there. This may take awhile and require some potions. After you kill them, go to Area 3 then to Area 4. You will see a scene where the Ratholos swoops in. As soon as it quits, crouch down by pressing X. After that, walk slowly behind the nearest big rock and try to watch the Ratholos, but make sure he cannot see you. If done correctly and you keep out of his sight, he will fly off. Stand up and run for Area 5. When you get there, kill all the Velocoprey. There should only be four of them. After you enter an intermission sequence will show you where the nest is located. Once the Velocoprey are dead, go up to the nest. Do not get the egg yet. Instead, eat all you rations or well done steaks. Search the nest to find the egg. Note: Watch your stamina; if it goes all the way down you will break the egg. Also, if you are attacked or try to use an item the egg will fall and break. You should now have an easy way back to camp. Go to Area 4 then Area 3. Be careful, as Ratholos may be in any of these areas at any time. If you see him, run back to the previous area and wait for him to leave. Sometimes if you go back to Area 2 after the Velocoprey are killed, there will be one straggler. However, most of the time if you killed them all before you should be safe. Just watch out for the Vesipod. From Area 2 go to Area 1. Then go to the camp. Go to the delivery box and press Circle. You have now successfully delivered your first egg.

Glitch: "Revenge Of The Garuga" Quest
Start the "Revenge Of The Garuga" quest. Take only your weapons, armor, and one Spiderweb. Once the quest is started, go directly to Area 7 (going through Areas 1 and 8). Talk to the little man in Area 7. He will give you a special mushroom for your Spiderweb. Accept that offer. Now just sit and wait until time runs out. It will say that you have completed the quest. The next time you try the quest you will not be able to do this trick. However, if you kill Garuga, who only has one third of his normal life because of the glitch, you can do the glitch again. Afterwards you must kill him and repeat the process again to get Garuga armor, weapons, and lots of money.

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