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Nov. 22, 2006
Nov. 20, 2006
Unlock additional characters
Additional characters can be unlocked by the following methods:

1st three Time Attack characters (3 characters) - Beat Time Attack 60s with an S+ rank
2nd three Time Attack characters (3 characters) - Beat Time Attack 180s with an S+ rank
3rd three Time Attack characters (3 characters) - Beat Time Attack 300s with an S+ rank
CPU Mode characters(10 characters) - Beat a CPU character to unlock them
final three Time Attack charaters (3 characters) - Beat Time Attack 600s with an S+ rank
Skin Edit Mode characters (2 characters) - Beat Skin Edit-single lap with an S rank

VS CPU Skins and Characters
Playing and clearing the VS CPU mode will award you with the following characters and skins:

Auto Mobile Industry skin + Tire Character - Clear round 2 of VS CPU
Go to a toy town skin + Robot character - Clear round 7 of VS CPU
Japanese Form skin + Japanese guy character - Clear round 6 of VS CPU
MOON BEAM skin + Alien Character - Clear round 10 of VS CPU
NaHa! skin + Chinese Dragon Character - Clear round 3 of VS CPU
Papa's ukelele skin + Ukelele character - Clear round 9 of VS CPU
That savanna calls skin + lion Character - Clear round 1 of VS CPU
The bird singing in the night skin + Bubble gum kid character - Clear round 4 of VS CPU
The speed of light skin + Guitar god character - Clear round 5 of VS CPU
Whoop-De-Do skin + Indian Character - Clear round 8 of VS CPU

Unlocking Special Skins
These are the skins that are not unlocked via the 3 Challenge modes:

45 Degrees, Please return my CD skins - Complete 1 and 2 laps of Challenge mode S respectively
Chinese Restraunt skin - Reach 10 hours Play time
Fanatic, SLIPPING skins - Complete 1 and 2 laps of Challenge mode A respectively
Machine Interface, BRASH skins - Finish mission mode very hard(missions 31-50)
Manager class,Elect.M.G.R skins - Finish Puzzle mode easy(puzzles 71-100)
Mekong skin - Finish Puzzle mode hard (puzzles 41-70)
neodimium skin - Complete 1 lap of challange mode Enduro
Prime Factor skin - Finish Puzzle mode easy(puzzles 1-40)
The spy loves me skin - Finish mission mode hard(missions 16-30)
Tin Toy, RODENT skins - Complete 1 and 2 laps of Challenge mode B respectively
Water,Flower & Lights skin - Finish mission mode easy(missions 1-15)
Xop skin - Reach 20 hours Play time

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