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Jan. 19, 2010
Feb. 17, 2008
Watering Can (Early)
To obtain a better Watering Can early in the game, simply water every tilled square (with or without crops on them) until your character reaches Level 2. Speak to Masami afterwards and she will give you a Weird Watering Can that can water three squares at a time.

Tool Usage
You cannot cheat the game and use tools for no reason in Innocent Life Futuristic Harvest Moon; however, you exploit the system and use tools after certain tasks or activities are done.

For the watering can just till a square of soil and you can water that square once with the can. Note that the item ''strange moss'' prevents you from watering the affected square daily, so use this exploit on squares that are virgin.

As for the hammer and hoe, there is an exploit to use them on a single square so long as your character has PP to spare. Use the hoe to till a square then use the hammer to ''untill'' the square. Go back to using the hoe and repeat. All this can be repeated so long as you want to expend PP.

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