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Oct. 14, 2010
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Cheat Mode
After finishing the first mission, go to the Guild Menu, select "Password" and enter the following to unlock the skills, quests, or items for purchase from the appropriate shop (the shop must also be unlocked):

DBU2ASgL - Beige Coat (male).
u0mDZLyW - Bunny Girl Top/Bottom [Female Only] (Costume: 15000J each) / Bunny Ears (Deco Parts: 30000J).
K8v4B5LQ - Cat-Cat Head (Deco Parts: 30000J).
rvNeTqmo - Garuna Island Top/Bottom [Male Only] (Costume: 15000J each).
L9YDMK77 - Gold Helm (Deco Parts: 30000J).
LSUMj2sC - Pink Dress (female).
7tnbGscM - Unlock Mirajane Satan Soul Skill.
FIPicGqx - Unlock School Blazer Uniform (Female) Top/Bottom (Costume: 15000J each).
TgswA2BU - Unlock School Blazer Uniform (Male) Top/Bottom (Costume: 15000J each).
VPiA7Bk - Unlock Luxus Appearance Quest (C rank).

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