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Jan. 10, 2011
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Cheat Mode
Pause the game while playing story mode, hold [R] and press the following buttons on the D-pad very quickly:

[Up], [Down], [Down], [Up] - Enemies leave behind 'Special fruit' (Purple fruit).
[Up], [Right], [Down], [Left] - Enemies leave behind Super kick (Shoe).
[Up], [Up], [Up], [Left] - Enemies leave behind x4 damage (Boxing glove).
[Down], [Down], [Down], [Up] - Crash freeze any enemy he touches.
[Left], [Right], [Left], [Right] - Crash turns into a shadow.
[Right], [Right], [Right], [Up] - Enimies leave behind Wumpa fruit (Yellow/Orange fruit).
[Left], [Left], [Left], [Down] - Make diffrent parts of Crash bigger.
Unlock Skins
Magmadon Skin - Defeat the enemies with in the time limit. Located on the far side the village (Take the 'Roller' exit with all the Mojo). Talk to the cub
Ratcicle Skin - Survive the time limit in the Ratcicle mini-game located at the purple blocks puzzle. Talk to the character on the right.
Skeleton Skin - Survive the time limit in the Mt. Grimly mini-game. Located in the area you first encounter Yuktopus . Talk to Uka Uka.
Snipe Skin - Defeat the enemies within the time limit in the Wumpa Minigame located where you fight Co-co. Talk to Crunch.
Spike Skin - Survive the time limit in the Junkyard mimi-game located on a platform, get there by climbing the meshed wheel. Talk to the three headed mutant.

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