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Unlock Sir Hiyoji's Fame Rewards
After getting access to the Magic Circle (Finish Trial Island 2F), you will also have access to all the main core features of ClaDun x2 (Character Creation, Equipment Edits, Music Composition, Tri-geon, etc.). All that is left to do is to finish the game and that's it, right? Well, not exactly. Like in the first game, beating a previous dungeon in record time will give you Fame Points equal to each second below the established mark in that Dungeon's floor. By talking to Hiyoji (who is resting under a palm in the southern beach in this game), you will gain rewards based on the amount of Fame you have won.

5 Fame - 1 Gold.
10 Fame - The Job Change feature in Hiyo's Ship.
30 Fame - Artifact "Widen".
50 Fame - The "Back Alley" VIP-only shop in Hiyo's Ship (can also be won by getting to the 5th Dungeon in the Moving Door).
70 Fame - The MML Sample Data for "Red Moon" (from Disgaea) for purchase in the Back Alley (Buy for 200G).
150 Fame - The MML Sample Data for "The Explosion" (ClaDun 1's Final Boss BGM) for purchase in the Back Alley (buy for 1,000G).
200 Fame - The "Time Attack" Dungeon for purchase in the Back Alley (buy for 7,777G).
300 Fame - BGM songs from ClaDun 1 for purchase in the Back Alley.

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