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Primary Collection of Cheats
Use one the codes below to unlock different things at "cheats" in "options".

15483 - Always have maxium hype (seems to apply it to opponent too)
26939 - Clears all the cheats
56239 - Hides the beat marker (makes being on beat harder can't see the beat marks)
17345 - Puts you at club level in Livin' Da Life
11910 - Puts you at Pro level in Livin' Da Life
43649 - Shows all moves in the movelist (works in both Jam and Livin' Da life)
41549 - Turns the HUD off in battles (doesn't show song track and what move your doing)
85363 - Unlocks all Jam mode characters (including Crazy Leggs)
92750 - Unlocks all Jam mode levels
85872 - Unlocks all Jam mode music
20014 - Unlocks clothes in Livin' Da Life
93665 - Unlocks Crazy Legs
34589 - Unlocks everything in Jam mode levels, characters and music
39572 - Unlocks everything in Livin' Da life clothes, music, moves (5*level)
50361 - Unlocks moves in Livin' Da Life (5* level)
78727 - Unlocks music in Livin' Da Life
83083 - Unlocks Red Bull King of The Ring
Unlock Crazy Legs in Arcade Mode
Complete the battle on any difficulty with Kmel to unlock Crazy Legs in arcade mode.

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