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Dec. 21, 2010
Primary Collection of Cheats
Specter Boxing Mini Game
To unlock Specter Boxing, collect twenty Specter Emblems. The characters are 1-Ton and John.
Attacks and Combos for Specter Boxing
Evade an attack - [Circle]
Quick light jab - [Square]
Slow heavy jab - [Triangle]
Uppercut - [X]
Clockwise spin jab - [Right] + [Square]
Counter clockwise spin jab - [Right] + [Triangle]
Dash uppercut - [Right] + [X]

Specter boxing mini-game: collect 20 specter emblems (the characters will be 1-TON and JOHN.)
Ape Ping Pong mini-game: collect 40 specter emblems.
Jack Attacks mini-game: collect 30 specter emblems.
Snowkidz Racing mini-game: collect 10 specter emblems.
Specter boxing extra characters and survival mode: Finish specter boxing and extra characters become available.The extra characters are the boss monkey and specter.Additionally you unlock survival mode and have the option to play as blue pipotron in this mode.

Get 100%
Achieve gold medals on all the time trials, as well as capture all monkeys, clear all stages, etc. Don't forget that like the original PSOne version, you inherit your game's score and powers after you clear the game. Head back into previously difficult stages with your new powers to get the rest of those monkeys.

Snowkidz Snowboarding Mini Game
Collect ten Specter Emblems. You can find these on every stage. To accelerate, press the [Analog-stick Up] or hold [D-pad Up]. Players are Professor, Spike, 1-Ton, and Natalie. You will see a gauge at the bottom of the screen. When you collect glowing bananas, your gauge will fill and will give you a boost of speed. To increase your gauge, hold [X] and release. This will make you jump. While jumping, hold or press Circle or Triangle. You will perform a trick and increase your gauge. To get higher up, jump while on a hill of snow.

If the monkeys see you and jump into their UFO, equip your slingshot and shoot it down. If it falls, the monkey will be temporarily stunned.

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