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Unlock Trophies
Adept Artisan (Silver) - Achieve the Master rank in any crafting skill.
All up in the club (Bronze) - Join a club, or create your own!
Blockbuster (Gold) - Destroy 1,000,000 blocks.
Completely Classy (Gold) - Achieve level 30 with any class.
Daring Dungeoneer (Silver) - Enter an adventure world and complete ten 3-Star dungeons (Look for them on the map).
Diamond in the Rough (Bronze) - Equip a Gem.
Enchantment? Enchantment! (Silver) - Apply an enchanted Aura to a piece of equipment.
Glorious Gladiator (Gold) - Achieve a rank of 50 in PVP.
Here comes a new challenger! (Bronze) - Complete ten Challenges in any adventure world.
Imperial Estate Builder (Gold) - Place 5,000 Blocks.
Inkling of Power (Bronze) - Achieve 100 Power Rank.
Lands Of Learning (Bronze) - Finish the Tutorial.
Not Just Browsing (Bronze) - Claim your free Class Coin or Wooden Box from the Trove Store.
Pearls of Power (Silver) - Completely upgrade a piece of equipment with Pearls of Wisdom.
Peddling for Profit (Bronze) - List an item on the marketplace.
Phenomenal Cosmic Power (Gold) - Achieve 10,000 Power Rank.
Platinum (Platinum) - Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies in Trove.
Polished to Perfection (Gold) - Equip a class gem.
Power Ascendant (Silver) - Achieve 2,500 Power Rank.
Power Rank and File (Silver) - Achieve 550 Power Rank.
Quite Classy (Bronze) - Achieve Level 20 with any class.
Raise the Roof (Silver) - Place 1,000 Blocks.
Small-Time Landscaper (Silver) - Destroy 5,000 Blocks.
The First Step (Bronze) - Achieve 20 Mastery.
The Heights of Mastery (Gold) - Achieve 300 Mastery.

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