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Unlock Trophies
Aeoncyclopedia (Gold) - Complete 100% of the Dinodex.
All Ends Are Beginnings (secret) (Gold) - Complete All Of The Monoliths.
Anachronozoologist (secret) (Silver) - Complete 9 Monoliths.
Anomaly Catcher (secret) (Silver) - Complete 5 Monoliths.
Anyone Not Ready For This? (secret) (Gold) - Discover Your First Monolith.
Aspiring Cadet (Bronze) - Complete your first Dinodex Entry.
Bait & Switch (Bronze) - Complete Level 2.
Cadet Connoisseur (Bronze) - Complete 7 Dinodex Entries.
Cadet Expert (Bronze) - Complete 9 Dinodex Entries.
Devoted Cadet (Bronze) - Complete 3 Dinodex entries.
Experienced Cadet (Bronze) - Complete 5 Dinodex Entries.
Great Scott! (Bronze) - Complete your first Monolith Entry.
Hey, Fishface! (Bronze) - Investigate the Ophthalmosaurus further.
Jurassic Scrapbook (Bronze) - Unlock the Dinodex.
Life Finds A Way (Silver) - Help the Baby Pliosaurus find its mother.
Little Footsteps (Bronze) - Complete the Tutorial Level.
Long-Toothed Longneck (Bronze) - Investigate the veteran Elasmosaurus.
Moby Livy (Silver) - Investigate the creature that saved you from the Megalodon.
No One Will Ever Believe You (Platinum) - Obtain All Trophies in Time Machine VR.
Now You're Thinking With Time Travel (Bronze) - Return to any level in Exploration Mode.
Om nom nom! (Silver) - Sate the Mosasaurus' voracious hunger.
Parachrono Explorer (secret) (Silver) - Complete 7 Monoliths.
Professor Cadet (Silver) - Complete the Dinodex entries for all of Story and Exploration Mode's creatures.
Temporal Cryptozoologist (secret) (Silver) - Complete 3 Monoliths.
The Cadet Who Leapt Through Time (Silver) - Complete Story Mode.
The Definition of Insanity (Silver) - Annoy Rob with the Mosasaurus' help.
The Hesperornis of Notre-Dove (Silver) - Find out why there is a lone Hesperornis.
The Spiral King (Bronze) - Investigate the Titanites further.
There's Always A Bigger Fish (Silver) - Find out what happened to the Megalodon that attacked you.
They're Moving In Herds (Silver) - Investigate the Neoparadoxia's herd structure.
This Time We're Going Viral (Bronze) - Complete Level 3.
To Rule Time Is To Rule The World (secret) (Gold) - Reach the True Ending.
Trial By Time (Bronze) - Complete Level 1.
Troublesome Matchmaker (Bronze) - Create a new couple in the Dakosaurus group.
Vultures In A Past Shell (Bronze) - Resolve the mystery of the smaller bites on the Lusotitan.
We're Gonna Need A Bigger Sub (Bronze) - Complete Level 4.
WHAT YEAR IS THIS?! (secret) (Silver) - Escape your first Monolith.

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