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Unlock Trophies
All this power ... from a crystal? (secret) (Silver) - Got the generator working.
Arthur (secret) (Bronze) - Found Arthur.
Avoided the consequences (Bronze) - Let Dougal take the blame.
Blind goes up! (Silver) - Ok, we get it.
But if you turn it this way ... (Silver) - Only placed the orb once.
Dam! (Silver) - Overcome hurdles at the dam.
Didn't panic (Silver) - Attacked the swamp monster in less than 5 seconds.
Godspeed Sir Fuzzle Puff (Bronze) - Travelled to Clonfira as Lily.
I did this all by myself (Silver) - Make breakfast.
I'm gonna call you Bugsy (Silver) - Made a new friend.
Involving a certain microwave casserole (Bronze) - Ruined lunch.
It's dangerous to go alone (Bronze) - Ask for a solution.
Let go of my hand (Gold) - Didn't ask for any solutions.
Merrrrrr? (Silver) - Helped Merr fix a machine and return home.
Never suspected a thing (Bronze) - Took out the informant.
No way to treat an ancient manuscript (Silver) - Tried to lose the cavity magnetron.
Not too late (Silver) - Saved Aidan.
Now, I am alone (Silver) - Gave Merr what he wanted... sort of.
Phone home (Silver) - Where did you get that pattern?
Probably used a walkthrough (Gold) - Didn't ask for any hints.
Silly doggy (Silver) - Distracted Dougal once only.
The Little Acre (Platinum) - Unlock all the Trophies in The Little Acre.
The Little Speedrun (Gold) - Beat the game in less than 1 hour.
There and back again (Gold) - Complete The Little Acre.
Welcome to Clonfira (Bronze) - Travelled to Clonfira as Aidan.
Welcome to The Little Acre (Silver) - Get dressed without waking Lily.
When in doubt, dance it out (Gold) - Solved the dance puzzle on your 1st try.
Wibble wobble (Silver) - Apparently you're ready for this jelly.

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