Lethal VR Cheats - PlayStation 4

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Unlock Trophies
Centre Mass (Bronze) - Score a Bullseye with a knife.
Clean Sweep (Silver) - Perform your first Perfect with any weapon.
Double and down (Bronze) - Score a Double Headshot.
Double Tap (Bronze) - Shoot a bullseye and a headshot into a single target.
Great Grouping (Bronze) - Score a Double Bullseye.
Headhunter (Bronze) - Score your first headshot.
Lethal (Silver) - Get 10 Lethal Ratings.
Million Dollar Shot (Bronze) - Get a rating with the Gold Plated Gun.
Outback Legend (Bronze) - Get a rating with the Dundee Knife.
Rated (Gold) - Score a rating on every Simulation.
Remarkable (Bronze) - Get a rating with the Razor Tipped Hat.
Shuriken (Bronze) - Get a rating with the Throwing Star.
Six shots or only five? (Bronze) - Get a rating with Harry's Gun.
Your move, creep (Bronze) - Get a rating with the OCP Gun.

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