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Unlock Trophies
9 lives (Bronze) - Acquire all health upgrades.
Anywhere and everywhere (Bronze) - Anywhere and everywhere.
By my own paws (Silver) - Beat the game without a single upgrade.
Defenseless kobold (secret) (Silver) - Make a Kobold drop its shield.
Gossip Queen (secret) (Bronze) - Talk to all inhabitants of Iripur.
Hoarder Kitty (Gold) - Achieve a 100% game completion.
Kill 200 enemies (secret) (Bronze) - Cleansing the kingdom.
Master Swordsman (Bronze) - Acquire all sword upgrades.
Me and my bow (Bronze) - Shoot 300 arrows.
Mine depleted (Silver) - Find all ores in the game.
Nowhere to hide (secret) (Bronze) - Find all hideouts of Rampelkimpers.
That Fang ain't yours dude! (Bronze) - Finish the game.
The Legacy Archer (Bronze) - Acquire all bow upgrades.
Who needs the lottery? (Bronze) - Collect a total of 2,500 currency.

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