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Unlock Trophies
A Moment's Respite (Bronze) - See an event activated by an ally's support skill.
A Real Treasure (Bronze) - Obtain your first piece of rank 15 equipment.
Born of Misfortune (secret) (Silver) - Defeat the Magatsu Kyuubi.
Broken Bond (Bronze) - Break your first enemy bond.
Camaraderie (Bronze) - Teach an ally a new ability.
Clash of Wills (secret) (Bronze) - Confront the one whose aim is destruction, and defeat an Einherjar.
Cradle of Humanity (secret) (Bronze) - Work with Cradle to defeat the Kyuubi.
Destroyer (Bronze) - Break 100 bonds.
Devouring in Style (secret) (Bronze) - Spend at least 10 minutes trying on clothes.
Distorted Balance (secret) (Bronze) - Witness a change in the Spiral Tree.
Divine Fodder (Bronze) - Gain strength by devouring an Aragami.
Elite Unit (Bronze) - Clear 50 special missions.
Exploiting Weakness (Bronze) - Use a typed attack to devastate an enemy.
Far East Collection (Silver) - Own 400 articles of clothing.
Far Over the Red Line (Silver) - Activate Blood Rage at 500% God Arc Rage.
God Arc Compatible (Bronze) - Pass the aptitude test.
God Arc Tuning (Bronze) - Upgrade equipment for the first time.
Heirloom (Bronze) - Install a skill for the first time.
Jackpot (Bronze) - Discover a rare Abandoned God Arc.
Legendary Unit (Silver) - Clear 100 special missions.
Most Trusted Ally (Bronze) - Use one type of equipment for 500 missions.
Mourning (secret) (Bronze) - Pray for the soul of a fallen comrade.
New Gear (Bronze) - Craft equipment for the first time.
Overcoming Grief (secret) (Bronze) - Deliver the final blow against Marduk.
Paragon God Eater (Platinum) - Collect all trophies.
Peerless Support (Bronze) - Clear a mission with four link support devices.
Prerequisite (secret) (Bronze) - Take down a Chrome Gawain alongside Livie.
Priceless Friendships (Silver) - Complete all Character Episodes.
Proud Survivor (Gold) - Clear a difficulty 15 survival mission alone.
Return of the Defense Unit (secret) (Bronze) - Forge unbreakable bonds of friendship with the Satellite Defense Unit.
Reunion (secret) (Bronze) - Meet your scattered companions once more.
Sanguine Liberation (Bronze) - Activate Blood Rage for the first time.
Shared Power (Bronze) - Successfully use a Link Burst.
Skill Master (Silver) - Activate 10 or more skill effects simultaneously.
Special Mission Accomplished (Bronze) - Clear a special mission for the first time.
Strength to Carry On (secret) (Bronze) - Continue Blood's fight in a world of destruction and renewal.
Swift Gatherer (secret) (Bronze) - Pick up three items after clearing a mission.
Technical Mastery (Gold) - Learn every Blood Art for a single melee weapon type.
The Brink of Death (Bronze) - Perform link aid on an ally.
The Distant East (secret) (Bronze) - Reach the Far East Branch.
The Power of Blood (Bronze) - Use a Blood Art for the first time.
The Spiral Tree (secret) (Bronze) - Unite the world to stop its end.
Thy Strongest Ally (Gold) - Teach an ally all abilities.
Togetherness (Bronze) - Complete all of an ally's Character Episodes.
Ultimate Attack (Bronze) - Master one Blood Art in combat.
Unstoppable Armament (Silver) - Obtain a complete set of rank 15 equipment.
Visions of Dread (Bronze) - Clear a Perilous Challenge mission.

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