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Unlock Trophies
Biohazard (Bronze) - Complete a hazardous materials mission.
Chief Fireman (Bronze) - Get promoted to.
Deputy Fire Chief (Bronze) - Get promoted to.
Elevated Extinguishing (secret) (Bronze) - Fire the water hose while in Florian 7's ladder basket.
Everything She's Got (secret) (Bronze) - Activate all of Florian 8's water sprayers and turbines simultaneously.
Fire (Bronze) - Complete a fire mission.
Fire Chief (Bronze) - Get promoted to.
Fireman (Bronze) - Get promoted to.
Go Big or Go Home (Bronze) - Complete a large-scale mission.
High Volume Pump (Bronze) - Complete a mission in the high volume pump Florian 8.
Hot Tracks (secret) (Bronze) - Activate the record player in the fire station.
Ladder Truck (Bronze) - Complete a mission in the ladder truck Florian 7.
Leading Fire Chief (Bronze) - Get promoted to.
Leading Fireman (Bronze) - Get promoted to.
Radiation (Bronze) - Complete a radiation mission.
Senior Fire Chief (Silver) - Get promoted to.
Swap-Body Truck (Bronze) - Complete a mission in the swap-body truck Florian 6.
Veteran (Silver) - Complete 5 missions.
Water Tender (Bronze) - Complete a mission in one of the water tenders, Florian 4 or Florian 5.

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