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Unlock Trophies
Demise (secret) (Gold) - Clear Mission: Motherstar.
Earth Reclaimed (Platinum) - Earned all other trophies.
Elite Troops (Gold) - Obtain S Rank in 60 missions.
End of the Line (secret) (Silver) - Clear mission: End of the Line.
Fiery Hell (secret) (Silver) - Clear Mission: Underground Invasion.
Groping in the Dark (secret) (Bronze) - Clear Mission: Advance into Darkness.
Humanity's Desperate March (secret) (Silver) - Clear Mission: Breakthrough.
Hungry Snake (secret) (Silver) - Clear Mission: Star-devouring Snake.
Into the Tempest (secret) (Silver) - Clear Mission: Demonic Mountain.
Invitation to Death (secret) (Silver) - Clear Mission: Empty Death.
Missing Person Search (secret) (Silver) - Clear mission: Missing Person Search.
Nested (secret) (Silver) - Clear Mission: Mocking Laughter.
New Dawn (secret) (Gold) - Save the planet from the threat of invaders.
No Holding Back (secret) (Bronze) - Clear Mission: Assault Strategy.
Odious Tracker (secret) (Silver) - Clear Mission: Chilly.
Rockfall Warning (secret) (Bronze) - Clear Mission: Watch for the Fists.
Special Medal (Gold) - Clear all free missions.
Superhuman (Gold) - Learn all skills.
The Beginning of the End (secret) (Bronze) - Clear mission: The Beginning of the End.
Towering Shadow (secret) (Gold) - Clear Mission: Icicle Tower.
Unequaled (Gold) - Defeat a total of 2,000 enemies.

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