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Unlock Trophies
ACE RACE RACE ACE (Bronze) - You came 1st in all tracks in a race.
BACKY PIG (Bronze) - You gave an opponent a piggy back.
BUMPER BONANZA (Bronze) - Yalopolooza! You smashed an opponent up.
CAMPAIGN MODE COMPLETED (Silver) - You completed Campaign mode!
COLD IS THE GOLOUR (Bronze) - You obtained a medal of the golden variety.
CONFLICTED BUMPER (Bronze) - You smashed into an opponent from another track.
CONFLICTED MID-AIR RAID (Bronze) - You smashed into an opponent from another track in mid-air.
DRASSIVE MIFT (Bronze) - You drifted more than 400m.
JING OF THE KUMPS (Bronze) - You jumped more than 100m.
KIFT DRING (Bronze) - You drifted more than 200m.
MID-AIR RAID (Bronze) - You smashed into an opponent in mid-air.
OFFENSIVE MODE COMPLETED (Gold) - You completed Offensive mode! That's pretty hardcore.
PLANE TO SEE (Bronze) - You jumped more than 300m.
POOL THE POOL (Bronze) - You drove around a loop the loop.
SCORK CREW (Bronze) - You drove around a corkscrew.

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