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Check out these ZEN Pinball 2 cheats and stay cool!
Unlock Trophies
Pinball Alliance (Gold) - Get your friends together and earn 10,000 Team Score!
Pinball Explorer (Silver) - Discover your collection, and play on at least 4 different tables!
Pinball Fanatic (Gold) - Keep playing hard, and earn a score of at least 150 million on any table!
Pinball Pro (Gold) - Flex your muscles and show off your pinball skills by earning 2,000 Pro Score!

Additionally, there are eight Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles DLC trophies:

Assemble! (Silver) - Assemble the Avengers and start the Wizard mode against Loki and his army.
Enter The Incredible Hulk's Arena (Bronze) - Enter Hulk's Arena on the World War Hulk table!
The World Breaker's Vengeance (Silver) - Complete all the Main and Side missions on the World War Hulk table!
Thor's day (Silver) - Beat all of the Worthy and Skadi to confront the Serpent on the Fear Itself table!
From the Depths of Despair (Bronze) - Perform successful bang back w/ the Captain America ball. Perform a bang back by nudging the table at the right time as the ball heads down an outlane
Power of a God (Silver) - Beat Thanos, and possess the Infinity Gauntlet to rule the Infinity Gems on Infinity Gauntlet.
Ride the stars (Bronze) - Ride the surfboard with the Silver Surfer, and score a Surfer Award on Infinity Gauntlet.
Worlds on fire (Bronze) - Collect all targets before the walker destroys them during Blitzkrieg USA on the Fear Itself table!

Additionally, there are ten Marvel Pinball: Original Pack DLC trophies:

Clone Saga (Bronze) - Complete all four stages and lock three balls into Doc Ock hole to start the Wizard Mode: Clone Chaos on Spider-Man table!
Cosmic Advantage (Bronze) - Clear the way to the Cosmic Cube and grab it for a wish on the Captain America table.
Scourge of the Undead (Bronze) - Complete all stages of the Final Mission and defeat Dracula on Blade.
Spoils of War (Bronze) - Max out your funds by recovering treasures and vampire stashes on Blade.
Supremacy (Bronze) - Complete each mission from Cap & Red Skull,find at least 1 of Howlers,& defeat Red Skull in series of battles in Final Clash on Captain America table!
Crossfire situation (Bronze) - You can get this Trophy when a pumpkin bomb ball explodes in one of Doctor Octopus' tentacles on Spider-Man table.
Iron Man (Bronze) - Complete the Whiplash and Mandarin missions on Iron Man table!
Mutant brawl (Bronze) - Engage Sabretooth in battle and defeat him on the Wolverine table!
Tony Stark, The Legend (Bronze) - Complete all Tony Stark missions on Iron Man table!
Unbreakable bones (Bronze) - Find Adamantium and complete a successful bonding process on the Wolverine table!

Additionally, there are eight Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue DLC trophies:

Brimstone Biker (Silver) - Beat all of the villains including the final boss on the Ghost Rider table!
Loki (Silver) - Defeat the traitor Loki on the Thor table!
Magneto Defeated (Silver) - Spell out X-MEN and bring Magneto to his knees.
Eternal Enemies Of Asgard (Bronze) - Complete all the Asgard missions on the Thor table!
God of Death (Silver) - Complete the Final Mission and defeat the evil deity amid the stellar cataclism on the Moon Knight table.
Stunt Cycle Extravaganza (Bronze) - Make at least three rounds in a row on the jump ramp of the Ghost Rider table!
Wings of Vengeance (Bronze) - Take off with the Whirlybird on the Moon Knight table.
Work As A Team (Bronze) - Collect 3 heroes to help Xavier battle against Magneto.

Additionally, there are eight Zen Pinball Classics DLC trophies:

El Dorado (Silver) - Complete all Adventures!
Into the Flow (Bronze) - Make a Super Combo!
Maximum tuning (Silver) - Fully upgrade one of the parts!
Electric discharges (Silver) - Make 10 coil ramp shots with one ball!
Hand of Fate (Silver) - Rule the tribe by summoning all of the natural disasters!
N2O stored (Bronze) - Lock one ball in the Nitro Tank!
Project funded! (Bronze) - Secure at least 500,000 points in Funding Hurry-up mode!
Quick feet (Bronze) - Survive the Giant Boulder ramp!

Additionally, there are eight Zen Pinball Originals #1 DLC trophies:

A seat at the Round Table (Silver) - Play through to the end one of the tales of the Knights of the Round Table!
Pinball General (Silver) - Collect all 10 medals!
Robber knights without loot (Bronze) - Repel the attack of the robber knights against Camelot!
Bison is finished (Silver) - Defeat the evil crime boss!
Crystal Skull (Bronze) - Collect 30 Crystal Skulls!
Master ninja (Silver) - Complete the last Chapter of the Story Mode.
The First KO (Bronze) - Win a Fight!
The invasion stops here (Bronze) - Survive the wave of aliens and win the Invasion Multiball!

Additionally, there are eight Zen Pinball Originals #2 DLC trophies:

Cube of mysteries (Bronze) - Lock at least one ball in the film reel and start a Multiball Phenomenon with the cube on the Paranormal table!
Dragonskin scarf (Silver) - Travel through Haunted Mill, the Forest, & the Dungeon encounter 12 monsters! Defeat all & shoot Loot hole to begin fight against giant Random Dragon.
Passage finder (Bronze) - Score a 6-way combo!
Pyramid (Silver) - Neutralize the defense system of the Pyramid!
Dressed in Epic (Bronze) - Loot as many items as you can to find Epic stuff with better stats. The whole set consists of epic weapon, shield, armor, and helmet.
Madness in the Lair (Silver) - Complete the final mission: Midnight Madness!
Shuttle Aviator (Bronze) - Using the Spaceship magnetic drain collect five space samples!
Supernatural activity (Silver) - Get up to the attic of the Haunted Mansion and banish at least one ghost on the Paranormal table!

Additionally, there are six Star Wars Pinball DLC trophies:

I am your father (Silver) - Uncover the dark secret of Darth Vader at the end of Scene 6 on the Star Wars Episode V table.
Purge the World (Silver) - Purge the galaxy by defeating both Sith Lords on the Clone Wars table!
So, you want to become a Jedi? (Bronze) - Complete a Training mode on the Star Wars Episode V table.
The 501st Legion (Silver) - Travel through Wild Space to fight the Battle of Kamino on the Boba Fett table!
The Great Pit of Carkoon (Bronze) - Make 10 jumps in a row over the Sarlacc pit on the Boba Fitt table!
Training (Bronze) - Earn your first rank by completing the clone training on the Clone Wars table.

Additionally, there are two Civil War Table DLC trophies:

Majority Leader (Bronze) - Have at least 5 allies with either Iron Man or Captain America on the Civil War table.
Unbreakable (Silver) - Win a fight at Very Hard level: your opponent must have at least two more allies than you on the Civil War table.

Additionally, there are two Fantastic Four Table DLC trophies:

Devourer of Worlds (Silver) - Finish all the main missions and save the world on Fantastic Four.
Torched (Bronze) - Set the sign of the Fantastic Four on fire with Human Torch on Fantastic Four.

Additionally, there are six Balance of the Force DLC trophies:

Armed and fully operational (Silver) - Start the Death Star multiball for the first time on the Star Wars: Episode VI table.
Dark Side of the Force (Bronze) - Score a Dark Side award on the Star Wars: Episode VI table.
Decorated Pilot (Silver) - Collect 100 Commendations for your pilot with one ball on the Star Wars: Starfighter Assault table.
Frequent Flyer (Bronze) - Complete a round in the Lone Fighter Mission on the Star Wars: Starfighter Assault table.
Lord of the Sith (Bronze) - Question 3 rebel officers in the Force mode on the Star Wars: Darth Vader table.
The Best Starfighter Pilot (Silver) - Waste 5 X-Wings in the Trench Run mode on the Star Wars: Darth Vader table.

Additionally, there are two Doctor Strange Table DLC trophies:

Eye Of Agamotto (Bronze) - Defeat the Eye Of Agamotto mini playfield on the Doctor Strange Table!
Shuma-Gorath Multiball (Silver) - Start the Shuma-Gorath Multiball on the Doctor Strange Table!

Additionally, there are two Deadpool DLC trophies:

Combo Hoarder (Silver) - Gather at least 15 combo counters at once on the Deadpool table.
Dark and Pointy (Bronze) - Start a Weasel or a Blind Al mode with a locked ball in The Box on the Deadpool table.

Additionally, there are two The Walking Dead DLC trophies:

High Five (Bronze) - High five Duck in Long Road Ahead on The Walking Dead table.
Perfect Scouting (Bronze) - Complete Scout Ahead while avoiding the zombie bait on The Walking Dead table.

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