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May. 05, 2009
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Cheat Codes
Enter the following codes while in the pause menu while playing. NOTE: If you use upgrades cheat, you won't be able to get the trophies associated with the skill upgrades.

[Up], [Down], [Left], [Right], [Down], [Up], [Down], [Up] - All skills, upgrades, and 1,000,000 souls.
[Left], [Left], [Left], [Right], [Down], [Up], [Down], [Right] - Level skip.
Unlock Trophies
Airstrike master (Bronze) - Get maximum Airstrike upgrade level.
Annoying fly (Bronze) - Kill a monster in the air using blades.
Being good is easy (Bronze) - Complete game with a "good" ending at Normal difficulty.
Can you EVER touch me? (Gold) - Complete 6 levels without losing your health.
Can't touch me (Silver) - Complete level without losing your health.
Counter impossible (Silver) - Get IMPOSSIBLE hit counter.
Dark side (Bronze) - Execute Dark form for the first time.
Let's go shopping (Bronze) - Use every item at least once.
Light adept (Silver) - Learn all Light spells.
Light side (Bronze) - Execute Light form for the first time.
Lock and load (Silver) - Learn all shooting improvements.
Magic woman (Silver) - Complete level using only magic.
Master of all skills (Silver) - Get maximum Shooting, Melee and Airstrike upgrade level.
Melee master (Bronze) - Get maximum Melee upgrade level.
Monster hunter (Bronze) - Kill 100 monsters.
Monster killer (Bronze) - Kill 1,000 monsters.
Nice gold thingie (Bronze) - Collect 3 gold artifact parts.
Easy Walk (Bronze) - Complete game at Normal difficulty.
Epic soul collector (Silver) - Collect 5,000,000 souls.
Everyday business (Bronze) - Complete game at Hard difficulty.
Famous monster eliminator (Silver) - Kill 10,000 monsters.
Finish him (Bronze) - Defeat The Dark One at The Dark Temple.
Flawless victory (Gold) - Win a boss fight without losing your health.
Good girl (Silver) - Complete game with a "good" ending at Hard difficulty.
Great soul collector (Bronze) - Collect 50,000 souls.
I'm so special (Bronze) - Learn all Special Form upgrades.
It's hard to be a good girl (Gold) - Complete game with a "good" ending at Pro difficulty.
Platinum (Platinum) - Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from X-Blades.
Servant of the Dark (Silver) - Learn all Dark spells.
Shooting master (Bronze) - Get maximum Shooting upgrade level.
Nice ruby thingie (Bronze) - Collect 3 ruby artifact parts.
Nice silver thingie (Bronze) - Collect 3 silver artifact parts.
Oops, are you OK? (Bronze) - Kill your first monster.
Soul collector (Bronze) - Collect 5,000 souls.
Take that! (Bronze) - Execute your first combo.
The best soul collector (Gold) - Collect 50,000,000 souls.
Tough fight (Silver) - Complete game at Pro difficulty.
Unbelievable metabolism (Bronze) - Upgrade health regeneration level to maximum.

Unlock Pro Mode
Clear the game once.

Unlock Costumes
Armored Costume - Beat game on Hard mode.
Regenaration Costume - Beat game on Hard mode.
Feel Good - In "The Great Rift" there is a circular room that has ledges floating in it. Carefully jump to the very middle top and you will it there.

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