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Unlock Trophies
100% complete (Gold) - Complete all quest levels, unlock all characters and earn all other trophies.
Antique Collector (Bronze) - Save the priceless antique.
Cake pacifist (Bronze) - Save the cake.
Hook-a-donut (Bronze) - Skewer the donut in 'The Fairground'.
Jaywalker (Bronze) - Make it through 'The Highway Code' without being hit by any cars.
Speed king (Bronze) - Win an online match in under 5-seconds.
Striiiiike! (Bronze) - Go bowling with Vikings.
Vertigo (Bronze) - Complete 'Up on the Roof' without falling off.
On-call (Bronze) - Take the doctor's car back to work.
Online Champ! (Silver) - Win 50 public online Vs matches or Gold Rush tournaments.
Paradox (Bronze) - Catch something you threw.
Persistence (Silver) - Earn a gold star in all solo challenges.
Viking Impaler (Silver) - Knockout 25,000 Vikings in quest mode.

Additionally, there are six When Vikings Relax! DLC trophies:

Bumper Thumper (Bronze) - Take out a player with a mega-multi-bounced pinball!
Stalemate (Bronze) - Force a timeout on 'Pawn Cocktail' while holding the king piece.
Hard as nails (Gold) - Beat wave 15 in solo survival mode.
Shut yer trap (Bronze) - Complete three consecutive rounds without falling down a trapdoor in 'Break a Leg'.
Triple Bogey (Bronze) - Putt 3 balls in 'Fairway to Heaven'.
Ultimate Warrior (Silver) - Earn all 10 warrior characters.

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