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Unlock Trophies
Endure and Survive (Bronze) - Collect all comics.
Everything we've been through (Silver) - Fully upgrade Joel with supplements.
Firefly (Gold) - Complete the Firefly Journey.
For emergencies only (Gold) - Fully upgrade all weapons.
Hunter (Gold) - Complete the Hunter Journey.
No Matter What: Easy (Bronze) - Complete the game on Easy.
No Matter What: Hard (Silver) - Complete the game on Hard.
No Matter What: Normal (Silver) - Complete the game on Normal.
No Matter What: Survivor (Gold) - Complete the game on Survivor.
I got this (Bronze) - Find all training manuals.
I want to talk about it (Silver) - Engage in all optional conversations.
It can't be for nothing (Platinum) - Platinum Trophy.
It was all just lying there (Silver) - Find all artifacts.
Knowing the Basics (Bronze) - Win a game of Supply Raid and Survivors in find match.
Let's gear up (Bronze) - Craft every item.
Look for the Light (Silver) - Find all Firefly Pendants.
Master of Unlocking (Bronze) - Unlock all shiv doors.
Populace (Bronze) - Build your clan to 40 people in Factions.
Scavenger (Gold) - Found all collectibles.
That's all I got (secret) (Gold) - Survive all of Ellie's jokes.
The Last of Us: Easy + (Silver) - Complete the game on Easy +.
The Last of Us: Hard + (Silver) - Complete the game on Hard +.
The Last of Us: Normal + (Silver) - Complete the game on Normal +.
The Last of Us: Survivor + (Gold) - Complete the game on Survivor +.

Additionally, there are ten Left Behind DLC trophies:

Angel Knives (Bronze) - Defeat Black Fang without getting hit.
BFFs (Bronze) - All optional conversations found in Left Behind.
Brick Master (Bronze) - Win the brick throwing contest.
Don't Go: Easy (Bronze) - Finish Left Behind on Easy.
Don't Go: Hard (Bronze) - Finish Left Behind on Hard.
Don't Go: Normal (Bronze) - Finish Left Behind on Normal.
Don't Go: Survivor (Silver) - Finish Left Behind on Survivor.
Nobody's Perfect (Bronze) - Played Jak X Combat Racing.
Picked Clean (Bronze) - All Left Behind collectibles found.
Skillz (Bronze) - Win the water gun fight.

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