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Aug. 07, 2008
Aug. 04, 2008
Jul. 31, 2008
Unlock Characters
Algol - Beat Story mode with a character that faces him as the last boss (Mitsurugi, Taki, etc).
Amy - Purchase her in the Character Creation for 4000 gold.
Angol Fear - Defeat her in Story Mode.
Ashlotte - Defeat her in Story Mode.
Cervantes - Purchase him in the Character Creation for 4000 gold.
Hong Yun-seong - Purchase him in the Character Creation for 4000 gold.
Kamikirimusi - Defeat her in Story Mode.
Scheherazade - Defeat her in Story Mode.
Shura - Defeat her in Story Mode.
The Apprentice - Beat Arcade mode with Yoda.

Unlock Create-a-Soul Items/Weapons
Unlock Advanced Equipment - Achieve 20 achievements.
Unlock All weapons for a character - Clear Story mode with that Character.
Unlock Animal Head Equipment - Achieve 25 achievements.
Unlock Basic Equipment - Achieve 5 achievements.
Unlock Intermediate Equipment - Achieve 15 achievements.
Unlock Leviathan and Voodoo Equipment - Achieve 30 achievements.
Unlock More Equipment - Achieve 10 achievements.

Tower of Lost Souls Hidden Items (Ascending)
01f Soldier's Hat - Clear stage while taking no damage.
02f Warrior Trousers - Clear stage with no ring outs from either side.
03f Pauldron - Switch with ally more than 2 times.
04f Warlord's Belt - Perform 3 attack throws.
05f Clergy Clothes - Defeat an enemy with a ring out.
06f Wonder Jacket - Throw an opponent.
07f Warrior Trousers - Clear the stage without missing any attacks.
08f Armor Ring - Ice Mirror - Switch characters twice.
09f Scarlett Blossoms - Guard against the opponent's attack 3 times in a row.
10f Silver Boots - Guard the opponent's attack 10 times in a row.
11f Grim Horn - Defeat all enemies with a critical finish.
12f Magus Cloth - Defeat all enemies with ring outs.
13f Pegasus Sallet - Destroy all the walls.
14f Stage - Phantom Pavilion Seesaw - Perform gaurd impact more than 3 times.
15f Submissions Belt - Clear the stage using only the A and G buttons.
16f Warlord's Belt - Clear the stage with 0 time remaining.
17f Arm Bandages - Execute a 5+ combo.
18f Kouchu Kabuto - Stand on all corners of the stage.
19f Longhua Qippo - Switch with ally more than 5 times.
20f Life gem - Sun - Clear the stage with a critical finish.
21f Longhua Qippo - Voluntarily ring yourself out.
22f Honor Boots - Perform more than 4 counter hits.
23F Frilled Skirt - Guard more than 3 times in a row.
24f Protect Gem - Cardinal Directions - Perform a combo with more than 240 damage.
25f Zhuque Changpao - Throw more than 5 times.
26f Warthog Cuirass - Execut a 10+ combo.
27f Iron Gauntlets - Clear the stage with no damage taken.
28F Aculeus Suit - Opponent guards a guard break attack at least twice.
29f Menghu Boots - Switch with ally 5+ times.
30f Spirit Gem - Noniple Heads - Clear stage without guarding.
31f Longming Qippo - Perform 5+ Just Inputs.
32f Vane Mask - Perform a low throw.
33f Battle dress - Perform 3 attack throws.
34f Power Gem - Warrior Princess - Perform guard impact 3+ times.
35f Warthog Pauldrons - Clear without switching.
36f Parlor Blouse - Clear stage with 0 time remaining.
37f Siren's Helm - Defeat all enemies with critical finishes.
38f Gorgon Fauld - Defeat all enemies with ring out.
39f Kingfisher Greaves - Clear the stage without changing position.
40f Deer Head - Execute a 5+ combo.
41f Minotaur - Perform 5+ Just Inputs.
42f Demonic Gloves - Clear the stage without letting opponents invoke a skill.
43f Repel Gem - Iron Shell - Perform an over the back throw.
44f War Cloak - No ring outs either side.
45f Tiger Lily Kabuto - Defeat enemies without using any skills.
46f Butterfly salet - Defeat enemies without using any skills.
47f Succubus Boots - Throw 5 times.
48f Life Dem:Jade - Clear stage with a character equipped with the "invisible" skill.
49f Horns of Calamity - Clear stage with no attacks missing.
50f Tiger Lily Breastplates - Execute a 10+combo.
51f Tiger Lily Fauld - Perform more than 4 counterhits.
52f Feathered Wings - Clear stage with a critical finish.
53f Blade Ring - Demon Lord - Defeat all enemies with a ring out.
54f Leviathan Paoldron - Destroy all the walls.
55f Priestess Kimono - Perform 3 attack throws.
56f Leviathan Burgonet - Perform a combo with more than 240 damage.
57f Voodoo Armlets - Voluntarily perform a ring out.
58f Tiger Pauldrons - Defeat all enemies without any skills equipped.
59f Voodoo Greaves - Guard an enemies attack 10 times in a row.
60f Voodoo Breastplate - Clear the stage without switching character.

Tower of Lost Souls Reward Items (Descending)
B05 - Dark Knight's Cloak.
B10 - Blade Ring - Raging Thunder.
B15 - Lapin Chapeau.
B20 - Repel Gem - Fox Demon.
B25 - Succubus Gauntlets.
B30 - Demonic Armor.
B35 - Demonic Pauldrons.
B40 - Voodoo Crown.

Unlock Honors
You can unlock "Honors" in the PS3 version of Soul Calibur IV. These Honors can be used to unlock features of the game:

10,000 Strikes of Proof - Land 10,000 attacks.
Chosen by History - Create a Custom Character.
Death on the Battlefield - Perform 100 Critical Finishes.
Distance will not Betray - Reach over 10,000 meters in total movement distance in battle.
Divine Punishment - K.O.
with an Unblockable Attack.
Encounter with the Unknown - Fight against Darth Vader. (vs. mode doesn't count)
Endure 1,000 - Guard 1,000 times against attacks.
Engraved into History - Fight 100 times (Online).
Equal Skill and Power - Use all skill points and set up 4 skills.
First Step as an Artist - Customize a regular character.
Gathering of the Best - Complete CHAIN OF SOULS.
Gladiator - Win consecutive Ranked Matches (Online).
Hero King - Level up to 20 (Online).
Hero on the Battlefield - Clear ARCADE MODE with over 450,000 points.
Iron Hammer - Land an attack on a taunting opponent.
Legendary Hidden Treasures - Acquire over 30 treasures in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
Like a Flowing Stream - Perform 200 Impacts.
Looter of the Battlefield - Collect all accessories.
Lost in the Moment - Perform 20 Just Impacts.
Mad Destroyer - Perform 100 Soul Crushes.
Mystery of the Swords - Clear STORY MODE on difficulty: HARD.
Never Ending Advance - Descend 20 floors in TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
Numeric God - The last two numbers of total play time and remaining time in a victorious battle are the same.
Observer of Souls - Collect all illustrations in Art Gallery.
Phoenix - Win with all equipment destroyed.
Pursuer of the Secret - Clear STORY MODE on difficulty: NORMAL.
Quick Strike - Perform 5 First Attacks in a row in Arcade.
Repel All Blades - Win 30 times with a perfect.
Return to the Galaxy - Clear STORY MODE with Darth Vader.
Reversal Wizard - Win 20 times with low HP.
Scorpion's Sting - Win a battle with Critical Finish.
Sharpened Teeth - Maximize a style's level.
Smasher - Destory all of the opponent's equipment.
Start of a New Era - Welcome to the new world of SOUL CALIBUR! (Automatically award for playing) Swift Strike - Perform 100 First Attacks.
Sword Hunter - Collect all weapons for 5 characters.
The Controller - Get Soul Calibur (Final Form).
Tower of Gold - All is shrouded in mystery.
(Collect 1,000,000 gold) Tower's New Guardian - Clear all upper floors of TOWER OF LOST SOULS.
Transcend History and the World - Acquire all weapons and equipment.
Two Cannot Exist Together - Exhaust each other's power.
Unknown Swordsman - Win 10 times (Online).
Violent Storm - Perform 50 Wall Hits.
Wandering Assassin - K.O.
opponent with over 20 types of weapons.
Wandering Weapon Merchant - Collect 350 pieces of equipment.
War Veteran - Clear ARCADE MODE.
Water Moon - Perform 30 grapple breaks.
Wild Run to Tragedy - Get Soul Edge (Final Form).
World Class Fighter - Fight against 20 different fighting styles (Online).
World Traveler - Fight on all stages (Online).

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