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Unlock Trophies
Balls Of Steel (Bronze) - Complete any single player mission without using med kits, but taking damage.
Blood And Tears (Silver) - Take 50 headshots in multiplayer.
I Never Bleed (Gold) - Complete the Campaign using max one medkit per mission.
In Search of Enlightenment (Bronze) - Collect all secrets in Act 3.
Keepsakes Of War (Bronze) - Collect all secrets in Act 2.
Kill That F**ing Band! (Bronze) - Take 25 headshots in multiplayer.
Kill With Still (Bronze) - Kill 50 enemies while holding your breath.
Left No Man Behind (Bronze) - Complete the game on Casual.
My Rifle Is My Best Friend (Silver) - Complete the game on Medium.
Nerves Of Steel (Silver) - Achieve 100% accuracy in any single player mission.
Operation Archangel (Bronze) - Complete Act 2.
Bloodstreak (Bronze) - Kill 25 opponents in multiplayer.
Bullets Can't Hurt Me (Silver) - Complete any act without using medkits.
Bullseye (Platinum) - Unlock all trophies.
Death Dealer (Silver) - Win 25 Team Deathmatch rounds.
Death's Scythe (Silver) - Take 50 headshots in single player.
Distance Matters Not (Silver) - Kill 20 enemies from a distance of 600m or greater.
Everything But The Kitchen Sink (Silver) - In one multiplayer round kill an opponent with a sniper rifle, sidearm and melee attack.
Fisher King (Bronze) - Kill 25 enemies using thermal or night vision goggles.
Harvester Of Sorrow (Gold) - Complete the game on Expert.
Hazardous Materials (Silver) - Kill three or more enemies by shooting a grenade.
The Sniper Elite (Gold) - Kill 100 opponents in multiplayer.
U Can't Touch This (Silver) - Win 5 rounds in a row in Team Deathmatch.
Unhappy Camper (Bronze) - Kill 10 opponents in multiplayer using your sidearm.
Operation Quarterback (Bronze) - Complete Act 1.
Poking the Bush (Bronze) - Collect all secrets in Act 1.
Psst, Don't Look Behind You (Bronze) - Kill 15 enemies with a stealth kill.
Pure Ownage (Silver) - Kill 50 opponents in multiplayer.
Say Hello To My Little Friend (Bronze) - Kill 30 enemies using your sidearm.
World Warrior (Bronze) - Participate in any multiplayer match.
Worlds Apart (Bronze) - Take a successful shot from a distance of 1 km or greater.
Wrath Child (Bronze) - Win 10 Team Deathmatch rounds.

Additionally, there are five Siberian Strike DLC trophies:

Fool For The City (Bronze) - Complete "Operation Siberian Strike".
Down Under (Bronze) - Complete "Last Rites".
Getting Tail in Siberia (Silver) - Collect all secrets in SIberian Strike campaign.
Once More Into The Fray (Bronze) - Begin the hunt.
With A Little Help From Friends (Bronze) - Complete "It Takes Two".

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