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Unlock Trophies
Abattoir (Gold) - Killed 2,000 monsters.
Adventurer (Bronze) - Found the first treasure in the game.
Alkie (Bronze) - Won the Drinking mini game 10 times.
Angel (Bronze) - Raised your soul rating to over 90.
Animal Lover (Bronze) - Killed 20 innocent animals.
Arbiter (Bronze) - Completed 'Water Source Conflict'.
Artisan (Bronze) - Won the Knife-throwing mini game 10 times.
Charmer (Bronze) - Completed 'Cold Nights'.
Conjuror (Bronze) - Acquired 100 attribute points in Magic.
Demon (Bronze) - Reduced your soul rating to under 10.
Demon Hunter (secret) (Bronze) - Completed 'The Ancient Covenant'.
Desperado (Bronze) - Acquired 100 attribute points in Melee.
Digger (Bronze) - Dug up 10 treasures.
Eagle Eye (Bronze) - Acquired 100 attribute points in Ranged.
Exorcist (Bronze) - Completed 'Zak's Temptation'.
Finally (secret) (Gold) - Completed 'Death Incarnate'.
Globetrotter (Bronze) - Travelled by ship 20 times.
Greenhorn (Bronze) - Killed 10 monsters.
Hard as Nails (Bronze) - Acquired 100 attribute points in Toughness.
Healer (Bronze) - Healed for the first time.
High Flyer (Bronze) - Used the parrot 10 times.
Hoarder (Silver) - Acquired 100,000 gold.
I Hate Spiders (secret) (Bronze) - Completed 'The Oracle's Soldiers'.
Killer of Shadows (Silver) - Killed 50 Shadow Creatures.
Liberated Lands (Bronze) - Completed 'Menacing Shadows'.
Liberator (secret) (Silver) - Completed 'Minions' Weapon Store'.
Light Bearer (Bronze) - Completed 'Green Flames'.
Mage (secret) (Bronze) - Completed 'The Swearing-in Ceremony'.
Manipulator (Bronze) - Acquired 100 attribute points in Influence.
Master Thief (Bronze) - Picked 100 locks.
Metaphysician (Bronze) - Acquired 100 attribute points in Spirit.
Miser (Gold) - Acquired 300,000 gold.
Monkey Business (Bronze) - Used the monkey 20 times.
Muscle Man (Bronze) - Won the Arm-wrestling mini game 10 times.
On the High Seas (secret) (Bronze) - Completed 'Let's Get Out of Here'.
Perfectionist (Silver) - Completed 300 quests.
Romantic (Bronze) - Completed 'The Blue Flower'.
Scout (Bronze) - Completed 'The Missing Gnome'.
Shrink (secret) (Bronze) - Completed 'Booze's Befuddled Mind'.
Skinflint (Bronze) - Acquired 1,000 gold.
Slaughterer (Silver) - Killed 500 monsters.
Sly Fox (Bronze) - Acquired 100 attribute points in Cunning.
Tamer (Bronze) - Completed 'Chaos in Harbour Town'.
Technician (Bronze) - Completed 'The Reactor'.
The Guardian (Bronze) - Completed 'A Follower of Magic'.
The Magnificent Seven (Bronze) - Got at least 7 crew members on the ship.
Titan Lord (Platinum) - All trophies obtained.
Treasure Hunter (Bronze) - Collected 10 Legendary Items.
Trickster (Bronze) - Acquired 100 attribute points in Dexterity.
Voodoo Pirate (secret) (Bronze) - Completed 'The Kiss of the Dead'.
Vulture (Bronze) - Killed 10 Scavengers.

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