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Unlock Trophies
Ace Pilot (Silver) - Reach Level 50.
Data Acquisition (Bronze) - Unlock a rumor.
Eighth of the Lost (Bronze) - Unlock all Psi Powers.
Fighter Pilot (Bronze) - Win 5 ranked PlayStation?Network matches.
FTL Travel (Bronze) - Hack a LeapGate.
Gamma's Downfall (Gold) - Defeat the Gamma Sphere.
Illumination (Bronze) - Defeat the Luminary Archive.
Master Hacker (Bronze) - Hack 30 LeapGates.
Rock Star (Bronze) - Successfully mine 10 asteroids.
Smooth Talker (Silver) - Complete the Haggling minigame with 6 Gems or less on the board.
Soul Gatherer (Bronze) - Capture a Soulless and discovered their true nature.
Space-Time Anomaly (Silver) - Win 50 ranked PlayStation®Network matches.

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