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Unlock Trophies
Combo Mastery (Silver) - Get 10 band streak bonuses in a single song in co-op.
Crafty Carrier (Silver) - Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at The Heap.
Harvesting The Garden (Silver) - Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at The Grove.
Hero of Ohm (Platinum) - Earn all other trophies.
Igniting The Flame (Silver) - Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Riffslide Alley.
Learn Some Skills (Bronze) - Play a song with Power Chords turned on.
Liberator Of Ohm (Silver) - Defeat the Headliner solo.
Love That Tune (Silver) - Play Any Song more than 10 Times.
Endurance Of The Axe (Bronze) - Get a streak of 200 on guitar.
Endurance Of The Skins (Bronze) - Get a streak of 200 on drums.
Endurance Of The Voice (Bronze) - Get a streak of 100 on vocals.
Find Your Mojo (Bronze) - Fire a Mojo power as each character.
Master Performance (Bronze) - Get a 5-seal performance on any song.
Merry Go Round And Round (Silver) - Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Tilt.
Mojo Synergy (Bronze) - Have 2 Mojo powers active at once in co-op.
Noise Pollution (Silver) - Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Axeworks.
Perfectionist (Gold) - Get 100% of the notes 'perfect' in any song.
Power Chord Master (Gold) - Hit every Power Chord in any song.
Power Trio (Bronze) - Get a 5-seal performance with three players.
Skilled Technician (Silver) - Complete a song with 100% accuracy on Virtuoso or Legend Difficulty on guitar, drums, or vocals.
Stickin' It To The Man (Silver) - Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Skyway 61.
Swift Victory (Gold) - Complete all of Unite the Clans solo, playing only 80 songs.
Synergizers (Silver) - Get 7 mojo synergies in one song in co-op.
Tearin' Up The Subway (Silver) - Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Rothchild Station.
Now Starring... (Bronze) - View the credits entirely.
One Band (Bronze) - Play a full setlist in Unite the Clans mode.
One With The Clans (Bronze) - Earn 300 total seals over the course of Unite The Clans.
One-Armed Band (Bronze) - Earn at least 3 seals playing an entire song using only one drumstick.
Opposites Attract (Bronze) - Play an entire setlist singing with the opposite gender.
Technician (Bronze) - Complete a song with 75% accuracy or greater with any instrument.
Three's A Crowd (Silver) - Play 10 songs with a full band.
Total Enlightenment (Silver) - Get Maximum Mojomorphosis at Sanctuary.
Unite The Rebels (Bronze) - In Unite the Clans, earn 5 seals in all songs of a three-song gig using Rockers from all three clans at once.
Virtuoso Performance (Silver) - Get a 5-seal performance on all 3 songs of a setlist.
Way Of The Voice (Silver) - Completed vocals tutorials.
Way Of The Axe (Bronze) - Completed guitar tutorials.
Way Of The Skins (Bronze) - Completed drum tutorials.
Whole Lotta Mojo (Silver) - Fire Mojo powers 300 times over the course of Unite The Clans.

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