PlayStation Home Cheats - PlayStation 3

 All cheats for this game by platform: PlayStation 3
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Uncharted Room Codes
41675 - Unlock Upstairs Left Door.
24312 - Unlock Upstairs Right Door.
1024 then 1577 383 - Unlock Downstairs Door.

Arcade Machine Unlockables
Echochrome Outfit(gloves, shirt, pants, shoes) - Receive 4,000 points on Level A.
Echochrome T-shirt - Receive 6,000 points on Level B.
Echochrome Thinking man Trophy - Receive 10,000 points on Level B.
Echochrome Trophy - Receive 10,000 points on level A.
Echochrome Table - Receive 20,000 points on Level C.
Ice Breaker-Pants - Beat Level 13.
Ice Breaker-Penguin Ornament/Trophy - Beat Level 20.
Ice Breaker-Beanie Hat - Beat Level 5.
Ice Breaker-Shirt - Beat Level 8.
Ice Breaker-Shoes - Beat Level 16.

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