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Aug. 27, 2014
Feb. 01, 2014
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Cheat MOde
Enter the codes from the extras option at the pause menu:

5T3CQU - Avenging Cycle.
KXFQ87 - Beetle.
P9OWL0 - Black Cat.
7HWU4L - Captain America (Classic).
AA0Z50 - Carnage.
H8CSE6 - Classic Thor.
J58RSS - Howard the Duck.
B7AA3K - Hydra Soldier.
CK7SDS - Iron Man (Mark 38 "Hulkbuster").
35E41W - Pumkin Chopper.
D5B7O3 - SHIELD Staff Car.
SH9MZQ - Spider Bike.
UZFBG4 - Studs x2.
TQ4C57 - War Machine.
2NGSRZ - Iron Man (Mark 17 "Heart Breaker").
Q5X1J5 - Iron Patriot.
WFOZXQ - Spider-Man (Future Foundation).
H8CSE6 - Thor 2014.
OAW2LB - Wolverine (With Hood "Cowl").
Unlock Trophies
A Doom with a View (Bronze) - Complete Level 14 - A Doom with a View.
Alter Ego (Bronze) - Perform all big LEGO figure transformations.
Avengers Assembled (Silver) - Collect all Avengers characters in the game (Single Player).
Bad Luck? (Bronze) - Unlock Black Cat (Single Player).
Bifrosty Reception (Bronze) - Complete Level 7 - Bifrosty Reception.
Billionaire Philanthropist (Gold) - Collect 1,000,000,000 studs (Single Player).
Brotherhood (Bronze) - Collect all traditionally evil mutants (Single Player).
Can't Hurt Me Bub (Bronze) - Regenerate as Wolverine.
Cosplay (Bronze) - Create a custom character.
Doctor in the House (Bronze) - Complete Level 9 - Doctor in the House.
Don't I Know You? (Bronze) - Team up Captain America with Human Torch (Co-op).
Exploratory Laboratory (Bronze) - Complete Level 3 - Exploratory Laboratory.
Falling... with Style (Bronze) - Complete first Helicarrier skydive.
Fastball Special (Bronze) - Perform a special throwing move as Colossus on Wolverine.
Guardians of the Galaxy (Bronze) - Unlock all the Guardians of the Galaxy (Single Player).
Have you ever tried Shawarma? (Platinum) - Collect every trophy.
I Am Iron Man (Bronze) - Collect all Iron Man armors (Single Player).
I'm Always Angry! (Silver) - Transform into the Hulk 50 times.
It's Clobberin' Time! (Bronze) - Defeat 100 enemies as the Thing.
It's Me Time! (Bronze) - Read a comic in Deadpool's room on the Helicarrier.
Juggernauts and Crosses (Bronze) - Complete Level 8 - Juggernauts and Crosses.
Magnetic Personality (Bronze) - Complete Level 13 - Magnetic Personality.
Menace of Magneto (Bronze) - Drive to the Baxter Building as Magneto in the Magneto Mobile.
Post-Credit Party (Silver) - Complete House Party Protocol.
Puny God (Bronze) - Perform Hulk's special move on Loki.
Rapturous Rise (Bronze) - Complete Level 12 - Rapturous Rise.
Really? (Bronze) - Collect Howard the Duck (Single Player).
Rebooted, Resuited (Bronze) - Complete Level 5 - Rebooted, Resuited.
Red Head Detention (Bronze) - Complete Level 6 - Red Head Detention.
Road Rage (Bronze) - Destroy 100 vehicles in the Manhattan hub.
Rock up at the Lock up (Bronze) - Complete Level 4 - Rock up at the Lock up.
Sand Central Station (Bronze) - Complete Level 1 - Sand Central Station.
Sinister Six (Bronze) - Collect Doc Ock, Sandman, Mysterio, Kraven the Hunter, Electro and Vulture (Single Player).
Stan's Soapbox (Bronze) - Turn into Stan Hulk.
Stan-tastic (Silver) - Rescue Stan Lee from every peril (Single Player).
Taking Liberties (Bronze) - Complete Level 11 - Taking Liberties.
That Sinking Feeling (Bronze) - Complete Level 10 - That Sinking Feeling.
The Good, the Bad and the Hungry (Bronze) - Complete Level 15 - The Good, the Bad and the Hungry.
The Toast of Croydon (Bronze) - Create a character called "Trevor" in the character customizer.
This Is fantastic! (Bronze) - First time turning Mister Fantastic into a teapot.
Times Square Off (Bronze) - Complete Level 2 - Times Square Off.
To Me, My X-Men (Bronze) - Collect all traditionally heroic mutants (Single Player).
Ultimate True Believer (Gold) - Unlock all True Believers (Single Player).
Welcome to Level 7 (Bronze) - Play as Agent Coulson.
You Win a No-Prize! (Gold) - Complete game 100% (Single Player).
Zoo Believer (Bronze) - Unlock all animal-themed characters (Single Player).

Unlock Vehicles
Find their tokens around the city and purchase them at corresponding vehicle call-in points. Land for cars, water for boats, helipads for planes and helicopters.

Captain America's Bike - Taxi the character at the Dockyard to his destination.
Chitauri Chariot - Unfreeze 4 citizens who are frozen by Loki in Times Square.
Deadpool's Helicopter - Complete a Deadpool mission in West Harlem.
Deadpool's Scooter - Defeat Deadpool in a race on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Doom Jet - Collect its token in the Financial District.
Fantasticar - Collect its token atop a fountain in Central Park.
Flower Car - Complete a Groot quest in Central Park.
Garbage Truck - Complete a Roccet Raccoon quest in the Scrapyard.
Ghost Rider's Motorcycle - Defeat Ghost Rider in 3 races.
Go-kart - Defeat Maria in a race on the SHIELD carrier.
Golf Cart - Collect its token on Liberty Island.
Hydra Tank - Collect its token atop the Empire State Building.
Magneto-mobile - Complete a Professor X mission at the X Mansion.
Mandarin's Boat - Complete a Groot quest in the Financial District.
Mandarin's Buggy - Collect its token in the Industrial District.
Mandarin's Helicopter - Complete a Gambit mission at the X-Mansion.
News Helicopter - Collect its token above the tunnel in the Upper East Side.
Pizza Bike - Defeat Blade in a race beginning in the Financial District.
Pizza Van - Collect its token in a store in Little Italy.
Police Helicopter - Shoot four targets in the Industrial District.
Police Motorcycle - Collect its token in Yorkville.
Police Truck - Collect its token at Horizon Labs.
Pumpkin Chopper - Collect its token atop the Oscorp Building.
Punisher's Car - Complete Punisher's mission after unlocking his truck.
Punisher's Truck - Complete Punisher's first mission.
Raft Helicopter - Collect its token on The Raft.
Raft Truck - Collect its token at The Raft's island.
Raid Truck - Beat Whack-a-mole game at The Raft Ferryport.
S.H.I.E.L.D. 4x4 - Collect its token in the Upper West Side.
S.H.I.E.L.D. APC - Collect its token in a building at the Raft.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Jetfighter - Collect its token on the deck of the SHIELD Helicarrier.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarrier - Complete a Maria quest on the SHIELD Helicarrier.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Staff Car - Collect its token atop a building in the Financial District.
Spider-Copter - Destroy three spider webs atop Ant-Man's lab.
Spider-Cycle - Collect its token atop Sanctum Sanctorum.
Spider-Trike - Collect its token in a greenhouse in the Upper East Side.
Stark Jet - Collect its token in the water in Central Park.
The Britmobile - Complete a Captain Britain quest in the Financial District.
Wolverine's Motorcycle - Complete a Toat quest in Industrial District.
X-Jet - Collect its token in a cave under the X-Mansion.

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