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Unlock Trophies
Accident core! (Bronze) - Even with a huge difference in health, you came from behind and won.
Arcade complete! (Bronze) - [Arcade] Complete with any character (any difficulty).
Medal of Millionaire (Bronze) - [M.O.M] Completed.
Our story has yet to come (Bronze) - [Story] Saw one ending.
Play through and you will not be let down (Bronze) - [Training] Trained for over 10 hours.
Butterfly and Squall (Bronze) - [Ranked Match] First victory attained.
Flame Distortion (Bronze) - [Arcade] Order Sol defeated.
Gold Order (Gold) - [Survival] Attained lv. 999 and defeated Gold Order Sol.
Hello World! (Bronze) - Game started.
King of Battles (Silver) - [Player Match] 100 battles fought.
Slash Star (Silver) - [Ranked Match] 100 battles fought.
That's some skill you have (Bronze) - [Mission] Completed 5 mission with any character.
The goddess of defeat is finicky (Bronze) - [Player Match] First victory attained.
You are quite skillful (Bronze) - [Mission] Completed all missions with any character.

Unlock Characters
Justice - Clear Justice's Story Mode.
Kliff Undersn - Clear Justice's Story Mode.

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