Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Cheats - PlayStation 3

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Unlock Trophies
Hero (Bronze) - Revive any teammate 20 times.
Speed Demon (Silver) - Get 100% score with the trap.
Nice Thinking, Ray (Bronze) - Find all the hidden collectibles.
Full House (Silver) - Finish an online level with the help of 3 other players.
Rush Hour Revenge (Silver) - Defeat the Subway Smasher.
Story Teller (Silver) - Watch each comic without skipping.
Rookies (Bronze) - Finish the first level.
Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good (Bronze) - Unlock every level and defeat the final boss.
Don't Touch the Car (Gold) - Finish a chase level with at least 75% of the Ecto-shield up.
Team of Four (Bronze) - Play with each character.
Rockstar (Bronze) - Destroy all the expensive LCD televisions in the hotel.
ColorBlind (Silver) - Kill a Slime Abomination with the wrong weapon.

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