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Apr. 21, 2008
Baggage Claim - Complete Chapter 3.
Champion - Finish Best Overall in a Ranked Epidemic Match (Multiplayer).
Colossus - Defeated the Colossus.
Comrade - Score 500 Points in Ranked Epidemic Games (Multiplayer).
Dark Sector: Brutal Difficulty (110) - Complete the Game on Brutal Difficulty.
Double Decap Latte - Get Two Decapitations In One Shot.
Electrician - Electrocute 30 Enemies.
Exposure - Complete Chapter 2.
Finesse - Kill 30 enemies with Aftertouch.
Ghost - Used Shifting To Get a Finisher.
Glaive Master - Complete a Level by Only Using the Glaive.
Glory - Finish Best Overall in a Ranked Infection Match (Multiplayer).
Greed - Collect over 50,000 rubles.
Hardball - Kill 30 enemies with Power-throw.
Headhunter - Decapitate 30 Enemies.
Hero - Score 2000 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).
Hero of the People - Score 2000 Points in Ranked Epidemic Games (Multiplayer).
Incinerator - Incinerate 30 Enemies.
Industrial Evolution - Complete Chapter 7.
Jack Frost - Kill 30 Frozen Enemies.
Jack the Jackal - Took the Jackal for a Ride.
Master Researcher - Collect All the Weapon Upgrades.
Moths To The Flame - Complete Chapter 4.
Nemesis - Defeated the Nemesis.
Prologue - Complete Chapter 1.
Rebound - Kill an Enemy With a Reflected Projectile.
Researcher - Collect 10 Weapon Upgrades.
Sharpshooter - Get 30 Headshots.
Skeet Shooter - Shoot 10 Projectiles in Mid-flight.
Stalker - Defeated the Stalker.
The Bait - Complete Chapter 6.
The Dark Sector - Complete the Game.
The Finisher - Perform 30 Finishers.
The Shipment - Complete Chapter 5.
Threshold Guardian - Complete Chapter 9.
Veteran - Score 500 Points in Ranked Infection Games (Multiplayer).
Weaponsmith - Apply 5 Upgrades in the Black Market.

Unlock Brutal Mode
Complete all 10 chapters to unlock Brutal mode.

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