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Jul. 03, 2013
Mar. 18, 2011
Oct. 10, 2009
Jan. 13, 2009
Feb. 28, 2008
Primary Collection of Cheats
Unlock Cars
Codes require profile to have a Class A license or better to activate:

CIRCUITCITY - Unlock Circuit City skinned car
BESTBUY - Unlock Best Buy skinned car
GAMESTOP - Unlock Gamestop skinned car
WALMART - Unlock Wal-mart skinned car

Unlock Steel Wheels Cars
Press [Start] to pause game play. Press [R1] to scroll to the "Under The Hood" menu. Select "Sponsor Code" option, then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. A message will confirm correct code entry. Cars will appear when you enter a junkyard after earning the appropriate license. Note: Some codes require a PlayStation Network connection.

Q83E 3H1S BI3B 40P4 - North American version of the game
U84D 3Y8K FY8Y 58N6
E165 6L1Q ZQ2H 10V3
E60J 8Z7T MS8L 51U6

B179 8M20 XA09 80FF - U.K. version of the game

Z891 4K88 IN25 79AA - other European versions / Australian version of the game
Unlock Licenses
A License - Win 26 races
B License - Win 16 races
C License - Win 7 races
D License - Win 2 races
Burnout Paradise License - Win 45 races
Elite License - Win 110 races

Unlock Cars
Carbon Hydros Custom - Beat all Showtime Road Rules.
Carbon Ikusa GT - Beat all Time Road Rules.
Carson Carbon GT Concept - Find all 400 Smashes.
Carson Fastback - Earn the B license.
Hunter Mesquite - Earn the D license.
Jansen Carbon X12 - Land all 50 Superjumps.
Krieger Carbon Krieger Uberschall 8 - Complete two sets of Online Challenges.
Montgomery Carbon Hawker - Hit all 120 billboards.
Nakamura SI-7 - Earn the C license.
Rossolini Tempesta - Earn the A license.
Watson 25 V16 Revenge Racer - Complete all Road Rage Events.

Alternate paint
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding paint.

Gold - Win all Elite License Events.
Platinum - Win all Elite License Events with a 100% completion.

Double barrel roll
The best way to do a double barrel roll is to jump in the Ikusa GT and fly off the big jump on South Mountain Drive.

Grim Reaper Screensaver
Stop your car and remain idle until the engine turns off. You will know when this happens when your taillights turn dark. Remain idle, then the screen will become monochrome and the camera will start to move around the city.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement.

Lookin' Good - Repair your first wrecked car.
Watt? - Set a Time Road Rule on Watt St.
It's Showtime - Set a Showtime Road Rule on East Crawford Drive.
Great Start - Win a Race.
Misdemeanour - Collect 5 Billboards.
Off the Beaten Path - Collect 25 Smashes.
Getting Away With It - Win a race without crashing.
Bottom of the Class - Get your D Class License.
Yatta! - Shutdown the SI-7.
Showboating - Get a x5 multiplier in Showtime.
Perfect Rage - Get 10 Takedowns in Road Rage without wrecking.
Rising From the Ashes - Repair your car at critical damage in a Road Rage event.
Spinnin' Around - Perform a 360° Flatspin in any car.
Frenzy! - Get a Takedown Frenzy.
Underachiever - Get your C Class License.
Learning to Fly - Successfully land 5 Superjumps.
Getting in the groove - Get a x2 Boost Chain.
Taking Down Your Elders - Shutdown the Rossolini LM Classic.
Duckin' and Weavin' - Win a Marked Man without being taken down.
7 Stunt Wonders - Win 7 unique Stunt Runs.
Curb Job - Power Park with at least 80% Rating.
The Show Must Go On - Get a x10 multiplier in Showtime.
Gate Crasher - Collect 200 Smashes.
Road Block - Set a Showtime Road Rule on 30 Roads.
Speed Freak - Set a Time Road Rule on 30 Roads.
Feeling the Burn - Win 10 Burning Routes.
Rampage! - Get a Takedown Rampage.
The Mean Mile - Set a record of 1 mile driving in oncoming.
Must Try Harder - Get your B Class License.
Manhattan Project - Shutdown the Hunter Manhattan.
Un-Chained Felony - Get a x10 Boost Chain.
Parallel Park - Power Park with a 100% rating.
You've just hired the B-Team - Shutdown the Carson Inferno Van.
Millionaires' Club - Score over 1,000,000 in Stunt Run.
Hangtime - Successfully land 25 SUPERJUMPS.
Chairman of the Boards - Collect 60 Billboards.
Daredevil - Land a 2 barrel roll jump.
Boosting Around the World - Get a x20 Boost Chain.
Flying Colors - Get your A Class License.
The Full Monty - Shutdown the Montgomery GT 2400.
Stunt Superstar - Score a x40 multiplier in Stunt Run.
Supercharged - Win 25 Burning Routes.
King of the Road - Shutdown the Jansen X12 Supercar.
Car in a China Shop - Get 500 Takedowns (includes online and offline).
Fall Guy - Shutdown the Hunter 4x4.v Paradise Won - Win your Burnout Driving License.
Elementary - Win a Race in the Watson 25 V16 Revenge.
All Pimped Out - Win all Burning Routes.
Explorer - Find all Events.
Paid and Displayed - Enter all eleven Car Parks. There are three in Harbor Town, four in Palm Bay Heights and four in Downtown Paradise.
Long Haul - Drive 750 miles.
Bustin' Out - Collect all Billboards.
Totally Smashed - Collect all Smashes.
Running Scared - Win a Marked Man with the Krieger Racing WTR.
Flying High - Successfully land all SUPERJUMPS.
Speed King - Set a Time Road Rule on every road.
Crashin' All Over The World - Set a Showtime Road Rule on every road.
Shopaholic - Find all Drive Thrus.
Elite - Win your Burnout Elite License.
Criterion Elite - Get your Elite License, win every event, find all discoverables andbeat every Road Rule.

Picture Paradise: Tour Of The City
Stop the car -- stay put for a few seconds, the engine will turn off indicated by the red back lights turning off. Wait for another few seconds and the screen will turn monochrome, the camera will start to move around the city and the music will turn to well known light hearted classical pieces.

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