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Jun. 13, 2012
Sep. 04, 2009
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Card passwords
To enter a password for a card, press [R3] at the "Build Deck" screen, and enter an eight character password.

Ancient Tree Of EnlightenmentEKJHQ109
Aqua DragonJXCB6FU7
Barrel DragonGTJXSBJ7
Beast King Of The SwampQXNTQPAX
Black HoleUMJ10MQB
Blast SphereCZN5GD2X
Change Of HeartSBYDQM8B
Crush CardSRA7L5YR
Elf's LightE5G3NRAD
Exodia's Head37689434
Fairy King TrusdaleYF07QVEZ
Fairy's GiftNVE7A3EZ
Goblin Fan92886423
Gravity Bind0HNFG9WX
Harpy's Feather Sweep8HJHQPNP
Horn Of The UnicornS14FGKQ1
Left Arm Of ExodiaA5CF6HSH
Magician Of FaithGME1S3UM
Meteor Dragon86985631
Mirror Wall53297534
Mystical Capture ChainsN1NDJMQ3
Robotic KnightS5S7NKNH
Royal Decree8TETQHE1
Serpentine Princess UMQ3WZUZ
Slate Warrior73153736
Swordsman From A Foreign LandCZ81UVGR
Tactical warrior054TC727

Starter decks
Depending on the name used at the start of the game, you will get a different type of starter deck. Try names such as "Konami", "Rod", or "Puzzle".

Enter the names "Kaiba" or "Scale" and choose the monster with highest number (on the left) to get a Kaiser Dragon (2300/2000).

Look on the back of PlayStation2 game cases. Look carefully to find sponsor names. Use those names as your name to get different cards. Not all names will work. Also, use the names of consoles such as "Nintendo". Leave out the numbers.

When starting the game, enter "Katsuya" as a name and choose Fairy King Truesdale as your deck leader. Your deck will be packed with insect and plant monsters such as two Hercules Beetles, a Kwagar Hercules, a Needle Worm, and a Great Mammoth Of Goldfine. Side with the Lancastrians (Red Rose) and duel Weevil at Chester. There is a good chance that you will win.

Enter "Flame" as a name. This should show one of the starter decks with the deck leader Robotic Knight. Select this deck. This decks is powerful because it is full of machines, includes Wasteland (powers up all machines and allows them to move two spaces), and the machines will never have an attack lower than 1500.

Enter "Coke" as a name. You will now have the following. Deck 1: Serpentine Princess; Deck 2: Luminous Soldier; and Deck 3: Thunder Nyan Nyan.

The following is a list of decks that are available when a specific name is used.

NameDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3
AceFairy King TrusedalePatrician Of DarknessTwin Headed Behemoth
AlienFairy King TrusedaleKryuelTwin Headed Behemoth
ArronSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger Wanghu
LeifMaiden Of The AquaThe Illusionary GentlemanWolf Axweilder
CreatonMaiden Of The AquaAirknight ParshathWolf Axweilder
DeadmanSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger Wanghu
PuzzleLuminus SoldierThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine Princess
SetoMaiden Of The AquaBird FaceWolf Axweilder
DuneLuminus SoldierPatrician Of DarknessTactical Warrior
JalenSerpentine PrincessPatrician Of DarknessKing Tiger Wanghu
DraculaMaiden Of The AquaAirknight ParshathWolf Axweilder
SauranThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus Soldier
SarumanFairy King TrusedaleThunder Nyan NyanTactical Warrior
DataSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger Wanghu
RexMaiden Of The AquaBird FaceWolf Axweilder
SimonSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger Wanghu
AeonFairy King TrusedaleThunder Nyan NyanTactical Warrior
TeaSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger Wanghu
Zone ManSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger Wanghu
CloudMaiden Of The AquaBird FaceWolf Axweilder
SeipherLuminus SoldierPatrician Of DarknessTactical Warrior
ClintSerpentine PrincessPatrician Of DarknessKing Tiger Wanghu
WraithLuminus SoldierKryuelTactical Warrior
LurkerFairy King TrusedaleKryuelTwin Headed Behemoth
PepsiFairy King TrusedalePatrician Of DarknessTwin Headed Behemoth
IndianaMaiden Of The AquaThe Illusionary GentlemanWolf Axweilder
JonesFairy King TrusedaleThunder Nyan NyanTactical Warrior
Darth VaderThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus Soldier
EddySerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger Wanghu
NosferatuMaiden Of The AquaBird FaceWolf Axweilder
DemonLuminus SoldierKryuelTactical Warrior
LokiLuminus SoldierBird FaceTactical Warrior
MadcatThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus Soldier
ThorFairy King TrusedaleKryuelTwin Headed Behemoth
PostalMaiden Of The AquaBird FaceWolf Axweilder
MeSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger Wanghu
HankThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus Soldier
BoomhowerSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger Wanghu
PicardMaiden Of The AquaBird FaceWolf Axweilder
KaneLuminus SoldierBird FaceTactical Warrior
CainMaiden Of The AquaBird FaceWolf Axweilder
ChavoFairy King TrusedalePatrician Of DarknessTwin Headed Behemoth
RosenkreuzMaiden Of The AquaThe Illusionary GentlemanWolf Axweilder
SonyRobotic KnightFairy King TruesdaleThe Illusionary Gentleman
NeroKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin Headed Behemoth
KonamiLuminus SoldierKryuelTactical Warrior
QuestSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger Wanghu
YeomanAirknight ParshathMaiden Of The AquaMolten Behemoth
BeowolfSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger Wanghu
DexxaSerpentine PrincessPatrician Of DarknessKing Tiger Wanghu
HenrySerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger Wanghu
JediLuminus SoldierPatrician Of DarknessTactical Warrior
YorkFairy King TrusedalePatrician Of DarknessTwin Headed Behemoth
ZeroMaiden Of The AquaThe Illusionary GentlemanWolf Axweilder
YagerLuminus SoldierPatrician Of DarknessTactical Warrior
A E AKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin Headed Behemoth
EthanKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin Headed Behemoth
TyrantSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger Wanghu
TexanKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin Headed Behemoth
WeslyMaiden Of The AquaAirknight ParshathWolf Axweilder
FeonaFairy King TrusedaleKryuelTwin Headed Behemoth
OlympusFairy King TrusedalePatrician Of DarknessTwin Headed Behemoth
UthgarFairy King TrusedaleThunder Nyan NyanTactical Warrior
RathLuminus SoldierBird FaceTactical Warrior
VestThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus Soldier
XanderSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger Wanghu
AeiouyKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin Headed Behemoth
DuelistSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger Wanghu

Map edit mode
Successfully complete both the White Rose story and Red Rose story to unlock map edit mode in custom battle.

Duel Deck Master T
Successfully complete both the Red Rose and White Rose campaigns and have a PlayStation One memory card with Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories saved game data in slot 2. Go to "Custom Duel", and instead of dueling Deck Master K, you will duel Deck Master T. Deck Master T's leader is Exodia The Forbidden One, and his deck only consists of magic/trap cards and the other four pieces of Exodia.

7 Colored Fish = Fairy + Fish
Aqua Dragon = Kairyu-Shin + Aqua
Bean Soldier = Warrior + Plant
Black Dragon Jungle King = Dragon + Grass
Black Meteor Dragon (3500/3000) = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon
Black Skull Dragon = Red Eyes Black Dragon + Summoned Skull
Blackland Fire Dragon = Dragon + Spellcaster
Bracchio-Raidus = MegaZowler + Behegon
Celtic Guardian = Fairy + Warrior
Clown Zombie = Crass Clown + Zombie
Crimson Sunbird = Warrior + Winged Beast + Pyro
Cyber Saurus = Dinosaur + Metal
Cyber Soldier = Warrior + Machine
Cyber Soldier = Jinzo #7 + Invader Of The Throne
Dark Elf = Gemini Elf + Dark Spellcaster (<1500 ATK )
Dice Armadillo = any Beast (<2000 ATK) + any warrior (<2000 ATK)
Dragon Zombie = Dragon + Zombie
Flame Swordsman = Any Pyro + Warrior
Flower Wolf = Any Beast + Plant
Harpie's Pet Dragon = Any Dragon + Harpie Lady
Koumori Dragon = Dragon + Fiend
Magical Ghost = Spellcaster + Zombie
Metal Dragon = Dragon + Machine
Metal Fish = Misairuzame + Machine
MetalZoa = Zoa + Metalmorph
Meteor Black Dragon (3500/3000) = Red-Eyes Black Dragon + Meteor Dragon
Minomushi Warrior = Rock + Warrior
Misairuzame = Machine + Fish
Mystical Elf = Fairy + Fairy
Nekogal #2 = Beast + Female
Pumpking = Zombie + Plant
Pumpking = Zombine (ATK 1100 - 2000) + Plant
Punished Eagle = Warrior + Winged Beast
Queen Of Autumn Leaves = Plant + Plant
Red Eyes B. Dragon = Tyhone #2 + Koumori Dragon
Red Eyes B. Metal Dragon = Red Eyes B. Dragon + Metalmorph
Rose Specter Of Dunn = Bean Soldier + Plant
Rose Specter Of Dunn = Plant + Fiend
S. Dragon = Dragon + Rock
Spirit of the Books = Harpie Lady + Boo Koo
Summoned Skull = King of Yamimakai + Fiend (<1000 ATK)
Sword Arm Of Dragon = Warrior + Dinosaur
Tatsunootoshigo = Beast + Fish
Thousand Dragon = Time Wizard + any Dragon (<2400 ATK)
Thunder Dragon = Dragon (<1600 ATK ) + Thunder (<1600 ATK )
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Thunder Dragon + Thunder Dragon
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon = Dragon + (Grass, Thunder, Rock, Zombie, or Machine) + Thunder Dragon
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon = Kaiser Dragon + Thunder Dragon
Wood Remains = Zombie (<1000 ATK) + Plant
Wow Warrior = Aqua + Warrior
Improved odds in Graveyard Slots
Copy Cat, Mimicat, and Monster Reborn allow you to manipulate the content of your opponent's Graveyard and help narrow down it down for the Graveyard Slots (revived cards go to the reviver's Graveyard when destroyed). Paralyzing Potion is another effective way to get monsters out of the way without sending them to the Graveyard, thus improving your odds in the Graveyard Slots.

This trick can only be used when there is only one monster in the Graveyard possible of getting, as when you use the "Edit Map" trick. When using the slot machine, you can see the arrows on the side. As you can see, they are usually blinking. When they disappear, the card is on the other side of the slot. You can use this to your advantage.

Place the needed card in your deck and destroy it in a custom battle (for example, Komori Dragon for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Dark Magician for the Dark Magician Girl). It may be helpful to place more than one card in the deck for higher chances of getting the desired card.

Note: This trick requires a monster with the Hidden Find ability. This will only work with magic cards. It is recommended you try this after you have completed both sides. First, get a monster (such as Pumpking) ranked high enough to where it gains the Hidden Find ability. Then, play against Shadi and move your deck leader to the exact center square. A screen will appear, stating that you have found the hidden treasure, Souleater. Finish the duel, or if you are in a hurry, surrender. Go to "Custom Duel". Next, put Souleater in your deck, and three of any magic card (such as Silver Bow And Arrow, Beast Fangs, etc.). Start a custom battle, and go through the deck until you come across Souleater. Place it in face-up defense. This will activate its special skill. Next, play any high level monster onto the field and have it attack your opponent's defense position monsters. Wipe them off the field. Make sure you do not attack any offensive monsters or the deck leader until the opponent has played the three magic cards from his deck and gotten them into his graveyard. Once the three magic cards are in his graveyard, go after the deck leader and wipe out its LP to win the duel. When you now go into the Graveyard Slots, there will just be the three magic cards in it. This is also useful in getting more immortal monsters and possibly even some unique rares.

Build a deck with rare cards that do not appear in slots such as Exodia pieces, Barrel Dragons, etc. Also, some magic and trap cards do not appear in the slots. Next, put in as many of the card that you want to try to get three in a row in the deck, such as Swordstalker, Piercing Light, Red Eyes Black Dragon, etc. Then, go to custom duel and duel yourself. All that should be in the slots are the three non-rare cards. Try using Swordstalker as the leader, Brigidier, because he has three chances and have three of him in the slots. You will get about four to five trap cards and four Swordstalkers in the slots.

Get Souleater. Mass combo cards until you draw it, then use its ability to rid the graveyard of all but the card you want in the slots. Be sure to put three of the magic card in your deck. Be patient with it, but in the long run, it is well worth the time.

New card picture
Any time that you gain a card through lining up three of a kind in the Graveyard Slots, you will get a new picture for that card in your chest. Some examples include: Blue Eyes White Dragon, Red Eyes Black Dragon, Summoned Skull, Gemini Elf, and Flame Swordsman.

Ritual monsters
When using the Graveyard Slot machine after battle, get three cards that are required to get a ritual monster. If you do, you will get that ritual monster as well as the three cards. For example, win against Bones at Exeter and in the Graveyard Slots, get any Insect, Machine, and Zombie monster. Note: The cards only appear in the slots if they are used in battle; duel against opponents that have ritual cards.

Barrel Dragon: Reincarnation
If you reincarnate Barrel Dragon, you will get three tough creatures or nice magics (for example, Sagna Of Thunder, Kazejin, Suijin, KaiserDragon, Harpies Pet Dragon, Skull Knight, Ryu-Ran, Coldwave, Solomans Lawbook, and Tremendous Fire).

Blue Eyes or a Dark Magician Girl
You must either have a Dark Magician or a Red Eyes as a leader and have completed both the Red and White Rose chapters to unlock the edit map for the custom duel. If you what a Magician Girl, your leader must be the Dark Magician; Red Eyes for Blue Eyes. Then go to the "Edit Map" option at the custom duel selection. Then, build the following terrain, where "N" indicates normal and "L" indicates labyrinth.
     N N L N L N N
     N N L L L N N
     N N N N N N N
     N N N N N N N
     N N N N N N N
     N N N N N N N

Battle at that terrain. When you begin, press [Start]. When it is your opponent's turn, he will surrender. When you get to the Graveyard Slot part, get three Dark Magicians or three Red Eyes to get the Magician Girl or the Blue Eyes. You can also use this terrain to get your deck leader a promotion.

Curse Of Dragon
If you do not have Zombie Warrrior, fuse Monster Egg with Fiend's Hand. Then, fuse Zombie Warrior with Meteor Dragon to get Curse Of Dragon.

Cyber Commander: Reincarnation
To obtain Exodia's Left Leg, reincarnate Cyber Commander. This may require a few turns.

Dark Magician: Hidden ability
If you can raise the Dark Magician ranking to Major (star with the stripe), you will be able to perform the same extra slot try just as the Robot Knight.

Exodia: Summoning
To pull off an instant victory with Exodia, you must have Exodia The Forbidden One as your deck leader. Any deck leader status will do. During your turns, you must place the four pieces of Exodia in the correct spaces (Left Leg, Right Leg, Left Arm, Head, and Right Arm). The deck leader can be placed in between the arms or legs. All four pieces must be face up. Once all this has been accomplished, the game will give your opponent one last chance to stop you. On your next turn, the summon will engage.

To obtain all of the pieces, you must use passwords, reincarnations, and line up slot rares. To get the Head and Left Arm, use the passwords. To get the Left and Right Legs, reincarnate. The best cards to reincarnate are those around a deck cost of 20. To get the final piece, the Right Arm, you must line up three cards in the slots. The best cards to line up are Cocoons of Evolution, which appear when you duel Weevil.

Flame Swordsman: Reincarnation
Reincarnate a Flame Swordsman to get a Labyrinth Wall. You can also get a Skull Knight.

Manga-Ryu Ran: Reincarnation
If you reincarnate Pegasus's Manga-Ryu Ran, you will get some kind of ritual stop card (useful for stopping the Ultimate Dragon Ritual), Tremendous Fire, and the rare card Skull Knight.

Millennium Shield: Strong attack
You first need to have the Curse of the Millennium Ritual and three monsters over 2000 DEF. When you summon the Millennium Shield, make sure you have a Shield And Sword Magic card so that you can switch out the shield's defense to its attack, giving it a 4000 ATK.

Mystical Elf: Hidden ability
Promote Mystical Elf to RADM, and all three lines will be available in the Graveyard Slots. This is very useful when trying to get those tricky rares.

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