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Primary Collection of Cheats
Level select and all challenges
Press [Triangle], [Circle], [Triangle], [Square], [Triangle], [Circle], [L1] + [R1] at the main menu.

Note: There are two side effects after using the level select cheat. First, stealth attacks no longer give you dog tags, which means you cannot advance to a higher strike level. Get all the tags you need before using the cheat. Secondly, when you save a game in which the level select code is used, the file is now marked with an "X" just before the time and date.

All costumes
Press [Triangle], [Circle], [Triangle], [Square]x3, [L1] + [L2] at the main menu.

All Cerebro files and FMV sequences
Press [Triangle], [Circle], [Triangle], [Square]x3, [R1] + [R2] at the main menu.

All strikes
Press [Triangle], [Circle], [Triangle], [Square], [Triangle], [Circle], [L1], [R2] at the main menu.

To unlock all strikes without gaining dog tags from stealth strikes, enable the "Level select and all challenges" code. Then, defeat the Boss from every Act in order. After defeating Lady Deathstrike and the level is over, at the saving screen look at the current strike level option. It should read "Current Strike Level 4".

Cheats option
Press [Triangle]x2, [Circle]x2, [Square]x2, [Circle]x2, [L1] + [R1] + [L2] + [R2] at the main menu. Pause game play to access the "Cheats" option.
Defeating Juggernaut
When the battle begins, you are in a force field arena. Try not to hit the force field, or you will get hurt. Enemies from outside the force field will be throwing green gas grenades at you. If you get dizzy from the green gas, rotate the "Left Analog-stick" to regain control of Wolverine. Juggernaut has a special move where he creates shockwaves by slamming his hands together. Try to get as far away from him when he does this to avoid getting hurt. Juggernaut is invincible while running; make him run into the the force field "corners". The best way to do this is to stand at one of the "corners" opposite from where Juggernaut is standing. When you make Juggernaut hit one of the "corners", he will get shocked, get thrown into the middle of the arena, and will become dizzy. Run up to him and hit him a few times. When you see the "Strike" message, strike him to make him lose health. Do this at least three or four times. After you strike Juggernaut several times, you will see Colloso jump over the force field fence. Run up to him and press "Strike" to make him throw Wolverine at Juggernaut to defeat him.

In the first part, lure him into the actual poles of the fence. When he flies away and lands dazed, attack him from side and watch for the "Strike" message to appear. Later when he starts jumping, jump to avoid the shockwave and try to get him to jump into the electric beams. He is weak after he jumps. He will stand and send a series of shockwaves. Also jump over these. If he is on one side of the "ring", run to the other side to avoid them. Watch out for the gas. When his health is gone, you must to finish him with a strike. Note: Beware of gas and watch your bar for your sickness level.

Defeating Lady Deathstrike
Lady Deathstrike has four modes, and you have no healing and a time limit. In stage one, keep slashing and kicking until she gets dizzy then press [Circle] to send her flying. It takes about three "strikes" to get her to stay down long enough to get up the ladder across from the neon sign. In stage 2, start across the roof with the gigantic fan and start slashing at the control boxes to kill the electric fence. Deathstrike will push control towers on you, but they are easy to avoid. Keep slashing and kicking until she is dizzy to buy yourself some breathing space. Once the boxes are gone, run through the fence. Note: Get the Mr. Sinister Memory File beforehand. In stage 3, grab the Apocalypse Memory File, then watch which electric thing lights up. When it is full, stand behind it. Hit it so that it shoots a beam at Deathstrike. Do this repeatedly. Dodge Deathstrike's waves. In stage 4, she has no health bar and is angry. Maneuver her to the very far edge. Keep slashing at her until she is teetering on the edge of the helipad. You should see "Strike" appear. Press [Circle] to finish her.

Start by fighting as if in a normal battle. Then, climb up the ladder when she cannot move. Next, blow up the four generators. You do not fight her here. Then, rip open the gate and jump down. It gets difficult at this point. Run around until you find the key. Then, go up to her, but not too close. Kick her; do not stab or punch her or you will get hit. Then, only hit the pole in front of her when she shoots electric waves. In between the waves, kick her, but do not get too close. While she is on the ground, a pole will have electricity on it. Stab it and the electricity will transfer to another pole, and so on. Do this until the door opens. Go up the stairs, then Lady Deathstrike will jump up. Kick her until she falls off the left side. She will die.

When on the fan part of the level, part II, Throw her into the electric fence and wait until her life goes down before going on to the bottom.

Defeating Magneto
In Act V: Part I, you will not always be able to destroy the generators. However, after he is done, he will create a magnetic vortex of death. Go to where the fuse box was that would not work on the roof and hit it. A trap door will fall down and a possible "Strike: attack message will appear. Go through the first door and to your left to find a switch (Animal Senses may help). Another door will open. Go through it. When people appear, go neat the vortex. Debris will fly, but try not to get hit. Have them die near the vortex. That is the only way to stop the vortex.

During Act V Part I, when Magneto creates the twirling vortex take one of the enemies one by one, get them in the strike mode, pick them up, stand at the corner of the wall so you do not get hit, and press [Punch]. This will kill them, and put them directly in the path of the vortex.

In Act V:Part II, it gets more difficult. You will have to get on a ledge where Magneto is near and do a diving slash. Do it a few times and you will see Logan attack Magneto and fall to the ground. You can get some attacks in. After a while, Magneto will try and gain energy in this area. You can mess him up there. Repeat this process to defeat him.

Stand on the ledge above the small round platform with "strong magnetic field" markings on the wall nearby. Magneto will attack you. But avoid these and he will eventually settle onto the small round platform. Jump down and attack him. When he flies away, move back up onto the ledge and wait for him to settle again.

When facing Magneto for the second time, hide in a corner and wait for him to stop attacking. Then, find the place where he gets power. He should have a wavy-looking tube around him. Run up the stairs by the tube. Walk through the tube up to Magneto and start to beat him up. He will try to attack you, but just keep hitting him. This will kill him very quickly.

Defeating Sabertooth
You will fight Sabertooth after the scientist double crosses you. First, run up to him and hit him a couple times. Then, run to the fire that is in the back of the room. Next, adjust your view so that you can see him. He may hit you a few times, but it does not matter. Then, go around him and make sure you see his back. When it says "Strike", press [Circle] and Wolverine will slam him into the tank. If you are hurt, retract your claws and run around until you are healed. Make sure he does not catch you. Repeat this process a few times to defeat him.

When fighting Sabretooth for the second time, at first it is the same as before. Jump behind him and use your special to throw him into the trucks. After a few throws, he will jump behind the flames and start throwing barrels. Punch them back at him. When he is done with that, he will come back out and start jumping around. When he is in the air, a green crosshair will appear on the ground. Run to it and use your special to defeat him.

Defeating Wendigo
Once Wendigo starts to run to you, try to dodge him but do not get hit If you dodge him successfully, he will stop. Go behind him and hit him once. Then, grab his tail by pressing [Circle] and swing him. Do this four times to defeat him.

Wait for him to stop chasing you, then run behind him. Hit him once or twice, then option for your special will appear. When you use your special, you will grab his tail. Spin him around and toss him. After several tosses, he will stand weak in the middle. Run up to him and use your special.

Tactical Decisions level
When you have to knock out the electric fence with the cannon gun, make sure you have full health first. Then, board the gun, ignore the guards, and keep firing at the electric panel to the above left of the fence. Once it is destroyed, exit the gun by holding [Circle] for a few seconds. You should have a little energy remaining, but the guards vanish once the gun is exited, giving you time to use your healing factor.

Get magnet brains without Claw Dive
Use this trick if you cannot perform a Claw Dive in the Magneto fight. Get angry if possible, but only when he is at the super magnet platform. Keep doing this and he will soon go down. If you cannot get him there, wait on the catwalks just in front of it. Only attack when he looks frozen (or crystallized).

Increase feral rage
To increase Wolverine's feral rage, retract your claws and just punch the guard.

On Rebirth Part 2 Below Ground, when you enter where the trucks are located, there will be an electrical wire that is snapped in two. Go next to it to increase your feral rage at an extremely fast rate.

Heal faster
To heal faster put away your claws and hold [Select]. Note: This will not work when you are in a room with choking gas or when facing Lady Death Strike.

Best approach and attack
When scouting for enemies use Wolverine's heightened senses. Once you have spotted an enemy, make sure you are close enough to see them clearly, but not be spotted. If you watch them for a few moments in heightened senses mode, a faint hazy figure of Wolverine will demonstrate the best approach and attack.

Comic book locations
1: Act 1 Part 1, terminal room
2: Act 1 Part 2, through the flaming truck
3: Act 2 Part 1, inside lift control room
4: Act 2 Part 2, in the left starter room with the barrel
5: Act 3 Part 3, in the bottom of the circular room
6: Act 4 Part 2, behind first pillar
7: Available from the start
Blooper FMV sequences
When you complete the Bronze, Gold and Silver challenges, go to the title screen and select the "Bonus" option. Go to "Gallery" and select "Play Movies." Go to the bottom of the screen to the last three movies and you will find two bloopers with Wolverine and one blooper with the Wendigo. You get one blooper for each "Challenge" that was completed.

Spider-Man cameo
Enable "All FMV sequences" cheat. Check the movies gallery and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to find a Spider-Man sequence.

Star Wars reference
Wolverine's voice is done by Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker. For the Juggernaut battle, he fights a man with ultra psychic powers wearing a helmet. Juggernaut uses the word "Force" every other line.

Glitch: Bullet hole in mid-air
In Act 2 Part 4, Grim Discoveries, after you feed Wendigo a military man at the first part of the level, wait until a military man comes through the stalagmite "hallway". Run up to him and make him shoot the stalagmites a few times. Kill or feed him to Wendigo, then return to the stalagmite "hallway". Look at the bullet holes. If you look from a side angle, the bullet hole will seem to be in mid-air.

Glitch: Infinite score and dog tag loop
During Act 2 Part 4, Grim Discoveries, after you have taken the elevator down into the cavern, you will face the Wendigo and three soldiers. Instead of feeding the soldiers to the Wendigo, knock the gun out of each of their hands and lure them to an open area. Next, position yourself so you can perform a level 3 strike on each of them simultaneously. You will be rewarded with 150,000 points and a dog tag if the "Claw Slam" Strike is successful. Finally, if you run away from the elevator, three more soldiers will rappel into the shaft with you. You can repeat the process as many times as needed for lots of points and dog tags. Note: If you die you will have to restart the level. For best results, use the "Invincibility" cheat.

Glitch: Invisible helmet breaking
In Act 1 Part 3, Freakshow, play with a costume that does not have the helmet. When Sabretooth jumps out and smashes your helmet, he will smash nothing, but you will still hear the sound of the helmet breaking.

Glitch: Walk through wall
In Act 1, Rebirth, when the scientist brings you up the lift and you see the broken door, crawl under it with [R1]. Adjust the camera and walk through the door without crawling.

Glitch: Whiteout
When you get to the part in the Tactical Decisions level where you have to disable the electric fence, knock the person out then destroy it. When done, hold [Circle] to exit. After that, go to the electric fence and slash open the first one. Jump on the other side and slash the last three. Once you are done with that, turn around and the background should turn white. You can only see the airplane, yourself, and the electric fence. You also cannot go any farther. To exit out of this, jump back over the fence. Walk towards the gun machine then continue the game.

Glitch: Frozen game
When fighting Sabertooth the second time, after knocking him around a bit, when he enters his second mode of attack, jump into the fire ring with him. When you land, you will be impaled and dying from the fire. However, the game does not act as if you have died. You can put your claws in and out, but other than that you will be locked up.

Glitch: Sabertooth: Knocked out
During the first Sabertooth fight, when he does his version of a Claw Dive, avoid it and he will be temporary knocked out. Use [Action] to carry him like a guard. He will also sound like one.

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