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Alternate song
Go to save the game and press [Circle]x2. You will be asked if you want to continue playing. Answer "Yes" and when the screen turns black briefly, press [L2] + [L1] + [R2] + [R1] + [Circle] + [Square] + [X] + [Triangle]. Instead of someone singing, the song will have someone whistling.

Japanese introduction song
Press [L2] + [R2] + [L1] + [R1] + [Triangle] + [Circle] + [Square] + [X] while the game is loading. The song that plays during this time will now be in Japanese.
Alternate opening sequences
As you progress through the game the FMV sequences that plays when you load a game changes somewhat, reflecting where you are in the game. For example, Malik Leehalt and Melody do not appear the first time you see it; after encountering them they eventually show up. You will also hear the opening song in Japanese at one point. Also look for Siegfried to make a very brief appearance, as well as the prophets in demon form.

Character gallery
Press [Select] during a dialogue sequence to view a portrait of the speaking character. Note: This cannot be done during intermission sequences.

In the Fallen Sanctuary, defeat Pilbugs with Arcana to get Earth, Wind, Fire, and Ice gems which can be used in battle, or sold for 100 Gellas.

To get gems (which in some cases, are useful), destroy an enemy with any Elemental Arcana or Guardians. At the end of the battle, you should get an amount of Arcana Gems equal to the number of enemies you defeated with that Elemental Arcana. Note: Using Virginia's Mystic and an Arcana Gem could multiply the gem used, only if the enemies are defeated.

Easy money
When you get to Serpent's Coil, the enemy there will always be Jells and always appear in numbers of three or more. They are immune to physical attacks. When you are at level 10 or greater, use only elemental Arcanas. After the battle, notice that you will get Arcana Gems exactly according to the Arcana used to kill the Jells. Every battle can result in three or more Arcana Gems. Each gem can be sold it for 100 Gellas. Every enemy you kill using an Arcana is bound to give away Arcana gems.

When fighting in the Abyss, you can find an enemy called Gella Eater. You have two rounds to kill him or it will run with your money. The more money you have, the more he takes from you. Let them get the money in the first round, cast Gella Card and you will get your money back doubled. However, make sure you can kill them. They have about 3000 HP.

Easy experience
Note: This trick requires a controller with an auto-fire feature. You must have the horses. Go to the world map and get on the horse. Set the battles for auto-fight. Set [X] to auto-fire and keep it held. The horse will twitch quickly, but it will eventually get you into a battle. The rest will be taken care of automatically. Leave the system on for free money and experience. Make sure you pick an area where you can easily defeat the enemies, or you may find your party dead when you return to the game. If you set it for "Balanced Attack", your characters will also use magic and your MTC will raise a bit. Note: Due to the relative ease of the game, it appears that the developers made it difficult to gain levels. Most enemies on the world map that can be fought in this manner only give about 200 to 300 experience points. It requires large amounts of experience to gain levels after you reach 50. After level 50, this trick is only useful for gathering large amounts of money for your ARMs and getting kills with Arcana to increase MTC.

Defeat five Telepath Towers and you will fight a Creeping Chaos (30,000 HP). It will use a move called Arc En Circl, which puts almost every status aliment on everyone in your party. You will get 10,000 experience points for defeat it. After you defeat it, you can battle it all around Filigia.

When you fight the Kraken in Little Twister, make sure everyone is equipped with Water Ward and have it maxed out. When you enter the battle, use Mystic on a Lucky Card but do not attack. Have everyone defend. Even though the Kracken has a larg amount of HP, he needs to cast Maelstrom at least 79 times for you to to get the maximum experience points (about 995,000) from the battle. Note this battle will take about an hour for the maximum, but it will give ten or more levels depending on you pre-battle levels.

As soon as you can, buy at least three Call Whistles from the traveling salesmen. In Clairborne after you buy the horses, go back to Midland (where the secret garden is located. Call your horse and jump over the crevice to the north. You must be at least level 10 to fight the monsters here, but they are extremely weak to fire. Equip Virginia Or gallow with Fiery Rage Medium and summon at the very start.. It will not kill them immediately until you are at about level 17 or 18, but it should do enough damage to kill them with ARMs. Also, they drop Heart Leaf which will prevent their own status ailment. Make sure you equip this and max it out. After that it should be no problem to level up.

One hit kills
As soon as you can, equip the Bunker Cannon II on the Sandcraft. When in battle, always use the force ability "Fire all ammo at once". You should be able to kill all monsters in one hit.

Defeating the roped woman
When you are fighting the roped woman you will notice she kills Clive first. If you keep reviving him, she will only go after him. This makes it easier to fight her.

Avoiding battles
When a white exclamation mark appears over your head, press [Circle] to avoid the battle. If you are near an object that you can use (switch, lever, wheel, etc.) use it, or walk through a door and you will avoid the battle without using any MTC points.

Easy battles
When you get the Sandcraft, you will fight some very difficult enemies in the Inner Sea. To make these easier, gather 50 Dragon Fossils by fighting in Fortune Gear. Then, upgrade your Sandcraft weapon to the Ark Smasher. Always use the "Fire All Ammo At Once" Force ability to easily take them down.

When you get your characters to about level 25 to 30, and you get in your Sandcraft, you start the battle with 25 FP. Put Virginia as gunner, as she has the highest RFX. Go to Jolly Roger, and buy the Ark Smasher with 50 Dragon Fossils. When you get into battle in the Sandcraft, she gets the first turn. Fire all the ammo, and the battle will be over in one shot. The monster will never get a turn (including Balal Quo Naga). This takes some time, but you can build up large amounts of Gella and experience this way.

After you get the last four guardians, put Lust Jaw on Virginia and fill in "Weakness" where you spend your points to adjust attributes. Then, anytime you get in a battle, have her use "Mystic" and an elemental gem. (first find out with Analyze what the elemental weakness of the monster is). When you use that gem, it does double damage, plus gives her chain attack credit. This works very well in the Abyss, as there are only five or six different types of monsters to fight. Since she goes first each time, usually you can finish a battle in one turn. This works best against groups of monsters.

Difficult battles
To fight some tough Bosses, go to Green Lodge (area with Yagdrassil) or Ka Dingel. Find the black sphere object to fight a Boss. Do this on all the black spheres you encounter, and on the well in Little Twister.

Make animal jump in town
Using any character's tool, get directly next to an animal (horse, dog, cat, chicken, etc.) in town. Each of them will do something different.

Converting animals to items
Use the tool Radar (Jet) to detect a suspicious animal in town (dog, chicken, etc.). Then, use the tool Change Crest (Virginia) to change that animal to an item.

Heal Berries
If you are running low on Heal Berries, go to the Fallen Sanctuary and use elemental spells of opposing elements (Ice and Fire, Thunder and Water, Wind and Earth). Along with getting multiple Gems (which can be sold for 100 gold each), you will also get Heal Berries or Gimel Coins.

Secret Garden
After defeating the Ring Keeper (the Boss in the Decaying Labyrinth), talk to the girl. When you plant something normally, you would usually leave and wait awhile after progressing into the game. In fact, if you leave the Secret Garden and fight one or two battles, when you go back they will be in the next stage. Keep this up and you should max out your Heal Berries, Full Carrots, etc. in no time.

Fireworks show
Go to the Little Rock Inn and have Gallows in the lead. Stay a day and when you get control, just sit there. In about two minutes you should see a fireworks show.

Press [Triangle] to go to the menu, then go to "Settings" and turn on the screen saver. Then, leave the menu things to where you can walk around. Stand still for a few minutes to activate the screensaver. It looks like a fireworks show and is nothing like the screensaver from the first Wild Arms.

Wild Arms reference
The Tear Drop is a crystal that was used to power a floating town/ship (mentioned in the area where Clive gets the grappling hook). It is also the same tool that is used by Cecile in the original Wild Arms.

Glitch: Wrong article
Start a new game and go to Gallow's story. He will talk, then the game will show the newspaper. On it will be the Ark Skeptor, but the article will instead be about the "call whistle".

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