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Memorial option
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Memorial" option. Select it to access the game's music and movies.

Save The Earth level
Successfully complete the game, then talk to the astronaut.

Million Roses level
Successfully complete the cousin collecting level, then talk to the red rose in the back of the meadow.

After collecting one million roses, you will unlock alternate starting text, have roses appear at the level selection screen, get an alternate loading screen, and another Dokaka song.

Bonus movies
Successfully complete the Cousin Collecting level to unlock a second bonus movie.

In the PAL version, Complete the Roll Up The Sun level to unlock the introduction from the original Katamari Damacy. Complete the Roll Up The Cousins level to unlock the Hoshino family intermission sequences.

Alternate title screen
Successfully complete the game.

Alternate start up sounds
Depending on which file you choose at the load screen, "Na", "M" or "Co", you will get a different start up sound. They are cats meowing for the first file, cows mooing for the second, and chickens clucking for the third.

Original Katamari Damacy constellations
Have a saved game file Katamari Damacy on your memory card to unlock an option at the data screen that will allow you to import your constellations from the original game.

Control loading screen
You can move the King's head to see what he is saying on the loading screens by pressing the [Analog-sticks] in the direction you wish him to move.

Cousins follow
Hold [Circle] and walk by any cousins to have them follow you. They will even go from screen to screen. You can get all cousins to follow you.

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