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Dec. 25, 2010
Primary Collection of Cheats
Ultra V Rated mode
Successfully complete the game in V Rated mode.

V Rated mode
Successfully complete the game in Adult mode.

Play as Dante
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting.

Play as Sylvia
Successfully complete the game in Adult mode.

Viewtiful Forever FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game.

Viewtiful World FMV sequence
Successfully complete the game in Kids or Adult mode.

Completion bonus
Complete the game, then play it again in the same mode. You will start with all of Joe's powers (Slow Motion, Mach Speed, and Zoom In).
Defeating Alastor
While fighting Alastor, he will throw swords at you. When the swords start spinning, go to Slo-Mo and hit the swords. The swords will turn red and hit Alastor.

Defeating Cromartys
To kill the Cromartys (the pilot looking men in black) very easily, as they attack with their 4-hit combo, dodge their first two attacks (that will be indicated by the skulls). They will now always end their combo with a high attack then a low attack, in that order. If you dodge all of these attacks it will stun them, enabling you to smash them across the room.

Defeating Gran Bruce
When you first face Gran Bruce, quickly use Mach Speed and go all the way down where Bruce recovers well first. He will try, and you need to use your Mach Speed and run up and down around that area. He will then get tired. Start kicking and punching him in Slow Motion or Mach Speed. He will then spit bombs out at you. Run around again. He will then accidentally eat one. Hit him, and it will take a lot of health from him. Keep doing this until you defeat him

When fighting The Aquatic terror, Gran Bruce and he charges and catches you with his mouth, hit your buttons repeatedly to get out or you will keep losing health.

Defeating King Charles the 3rd
After you land an attack on him, he will turn into many bats. Jump up and hit as many of the bats as you can. Each bat you hit will take some of his life away.

Have some boomerangs with you. Throw them at him. He will get stunned and fall on the ground. Then, go into Slow Motion and start punching and kicking him. He will recover soon and do this by drilling up to the sky. Sometimes he drills up and stalactites will fall. Dodge them, and when he is vertically level with you, hit them above you. The thing that happened when you used a boomerang will happen again. Punch and kick him. Also hit him with a punch or something else and he will turn into a group of bats. Hit most of the bats. This will drain his energy.

Defeating Rhino Davidson
Start by Mach Speeding him and he will defend with his axe. Two things may happen. He will either attack you or the axe will slip out of his hands, leaving him open for attack. If he charges at you, jump out of the way and run into the fire he left by for extra fire damage when you punch him. He should be dizzy from smacking his head on the wall, so you can attack him. Repeat those steps to defeat him.

Defeating the Boss with guns
When you smash all of the axes, you will enter a door. Go through it and you will battle a Boss with guns. When he fires a shot, switch to slow motion and punch his bullets. Then, slow motion again and keep punching him.

Destroying helicopters, jets, and tanks
Wait until they spawn enemies, then dodge an enemy attack marked by skulls. When they are stunned, go into Slow-Motion and hit them with a kick or punch so that they fly into the vehicle. This takes a lot of their health away. Then, while staying in Slow Motion, do this to all the other enemies with targets. If done correctly, you can destroy the helicopters, jets, and tanks without getting out of Slow Motion.

Defeating the Boss with the ship Boss
At the end of the first level when you fight the helicopter, go into Slow Motion and jump onto it. When you are on top of it, keep punching the propeller and it will fall to the ground.

When you first start Episode 3 (2,000,000 Leagues Under The Sea), you will start moving. Press [R1] for Mach Speed and press [X] to shoot much faster.

Episode 4
When in part two of Episode 4 (The Viewtiful Escape), you will have to slow down time and hit some gears to stop them from moving. After that, there will be a straight away and enemies will pop up. One will contain a pink juice (infinite VFX power for a period of time). Some enemies will pop out. Start attacking them in slow motion. When a target comes on them, kick them. All the other enemies will get targets on them. Every time you hit one of them, you will get an extra 100 Viewtiful points.

Episode 5: Destroy the tank
When you encounter the tank at the start of the episode, your punches and kicks will not do much damage (not even in Slow Motion or Mach Speed). When it fires a large bullet at you, go into Slow Motion and punch the bullet back at the tank. It will not destroy it, but it will do damage to it.

Episode 7
When Episode 7 starts, there are three switches. You must make all the lights on each of these switches light up. A normal jump and Zoom In down kick will not work. There are some robot enemies that are like platforms. Jump onto them then jump off onto the platforms. Go as high as you can, then jump off them and do a Zoom In downward kick. When you land, all the lights will light up and a cheese burger will glow in the middle. After this, you will see a very short intermission sequence that shows one of the switches being unlocked

Some like it Red Hot, Part 2
Jump up to the chandeliers ceiling then press [Circle] and jump. You will hit a switch and it will knock down the other chandeliers within reach.

Smash Caution things easily
Press [Circle] and jump up two times. Then, press [Circle] again and while in the air, press [Circle] again and it should smash it the caution things that give out electricity.

Send missiles back at enemies
Sometimes, enemies will fire missiles at you. Go into Slow Motion and punch or kick the missiles. They will flash red, then go after the enemies.

Once you defeat Two-Armed-Bandit, you get to play slots. Put on Slow Motion and punch the slots to stop each wheel. If you stop it on Vs, you might get a Key. If you stop it on Cheeseburgers, you will get a free life. If you stop it on V-Coins, you will get the V-Coins. If you stop it on the Sun, you will get electrocuted.

Slow falls
When you jump off of something and begin to fall, start punching and kicking. This will slow down your fall.

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