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Nov. 29, 2006
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Level skip
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Up], [Down], [Left], [Right]x2, [Left], [Circle].

Level select
Save the game and return to the main menu. Select the "Resume Game" option, then highlight the previously saved game and press [Up], [Down]x2, [Up], [Left], [Up], [Right], [Down].

Full ammunition
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Left], [Right], [Circle]x3, [Right], [Left].

All weapons
Press [Start] to pause game play, then press [Left], [Circle], [Right], [Square], [Right], [Left].

Stealth Mutator
Press [Square]x2, [Circle]x2, [Square]x2, [Circle]x2 at the main menu. Select multi-player mode and choose the Stealth Mutator.

Big head mode
Press [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Left], [Right], [Circle]x3 at the main menu. Select multi-player mode, highlight the "Mutators" option and press [X]. Highlight the new "Big Head" option, then press [Right], [X].

Firewire multi-player mode
Note: This trick requires a four port Firewire PC hub. Use Firewire cables to connect the iLink port of one to three more PlayStation2 consoles to the hub. Press [Start] to pause game play in two player multi-player mode and press [Left], [Circle], [Left], [Right], [Square], [Right]. Have all players press [Start] at the waiting screen.
999 Redeemers
Enable the "Invincibility" code when in the Face's Of World level for capture the flag. Get the Redeemer from top of either castle. They are found on the left hyper link. Then enable the "Unlimited ammunition" code to get 999 Redeemers. Fall out of space and you will not die. Just press [R2] to shoot the controllable rocket, then try to see how many people you can trace and kill -- but get the other team's flag first.

Additional levels
Successfully complete the game under the inhuman difficulty setting to unlock 7 death match and 4 capture the flag levels. No additional two player levels will be unlocked.

Quad damage in Tempest
Get the Anti-Gravity Boots and go to the area where the Shock Rifle is located. Up on the rafters is a Quad Damage Power-up.

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