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Jul. 15, 2009
Nov. 29, 2006
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Man decoration
Hold [R1] while selecting a transmission type. Keep the [R1] held until the game completes loading to see a man hanging from the roof of your car in the first person view.

Genki Gremlin decoration
Hold [R2] when choosing your shift assist option. Keep the buttons held until the game has competed loading. The Genki Gremlin can be seen hanging from the roof of your car in the first person view.

Dog decoration
Hold [L1] when choosing your shift assist option. Keep the buttons held until the game has competed loading. A dog with horns will be hanging from the roof of your car in the first person view.

View one-on-one battle positions
Press [Square] during a one-on-one battle to see the positions of all other cars.

Control replay view
Start a replay in the driver view position, then press [L1] or [R1] to pan the camera.

Fixed replay view
Hold [Triangle] when the replay is about to start.

Sort car selections
When you are selecting a car to buy, press [Square] to sort them by default, the car name, the price, power weight ratio, and torque weight ratio.

Full pause screen
Pause game play, then press [Triangle] + [Square]. To restore the pause screen, press [Triangle] + [Square] again.

Skyline car
Defeat the Speed King to get $3 million and unlock the Skyline car for purchase.

Datsun 240Z (Fairlady) car
Defeat all racers (including all Wanderers) to get a challenge from Racer #400. Defeat him to unlock the Datsun 240Z for purchase.

Analyze menu
During a race, highlight "Return To Garage" and press [Square] + [Down]. Repeat the code to remove the display.

Alternately, pause game play immediately when you start a drive in quest mode. Scroll all the way down the pause menu to access an "Analyze" option under "Retire". This allows you to see the turning rate, accelerator, and brake pressure. This only works at the very start of the drive and you cannot turn it off once enabled. Note: This may be dependent on the car type or parts.

Select a type 5 spoiler for the R30 or R30M, then use the horn.

5 levels of body tune
In order to unlock these items, you need 1,860 miles on your odometer. You can typically gain about 500 miles for seven hours of driving in auto pilot mode. To go to auto pilot mode, challenge a rival and when the race is over, allow the game to idle and the CPU will eventually take over. Note: This only works for the car with the miles.

Car part preview
Select the exhaust or aero at the parts selection screen. Press [Triangle] as the view zooms in to keep the camera away from the car. Press [Triangle] again to resume the zoom.
Trip meter
Do not allow the trip meter (located under the odometer) go much beyond 100 to 150. If your car goes beyond that point, you will notice a lack of acceleration and top speed. To get this meter to go back down to 0, pause game play, and select "Return To Garage". Once in the garage, select "Start Race" and trip meter will be back down to 0.

Gaining mileage
If your mileage is low and you need to gain but do not want to drive in circles, challenge a rival. After the race is over it will stay in auto-pilot with the trip meter and odometer still ticking (eventually leading the way to the level 8 muffler and level 7 engine).

Speed King's car: Recommended gear Defeating Speed King
To defeat Speed King, use R33 with special tuning:
Steer: +10
Acceleration: +13
Braking: +14
Brake Balance: 0
Ride Height: -14
Gear Ratio: Default except final gear: 3.03
Spring Rate: +10 front and rear
Damper: -12 front and rear
Turbo Boost: 1.40
Also, use the Inner Kanjyo or Outer Kanjyo track because that car cannot move fast in the narrow street.

Easy money
On the course, an easy way to earn more money in races is to make it longer. For example, tailgating and bumper-gating. The best place on the map to do this is on the long straight. Make sure you have a car that gets up and goes though. When you challenge someone, stay behind them, then get in front of them. The downside is that most of your battle SP will be gone, however you will get more money faster.

You can race the people that you have already defeated and they still give you money for winning again.

Glitch: Race through the air
After defeating a rival, let the game go into autopilot mode. When in this mode, open the CD tray and watch the screen. Eventually everything will disappear except the cars, traffic, and background image. It will appear that the car is racing through the air.

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