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Nov. 29, 2006
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Instant vehicle explosions
Hold [L1] + [R1] at the options screen and press [Triangle]x2, [Square]x2. The sound of a horn will confirm correct code entry.

Fast cars
Hold [L1] + [R1] at the options screen and press [Square]x4. The sound of a horn will confirm correct code entry.

All bonus cars
Hold [L1] + [R1] at the options screen and press [X], [Circle], [X], [Circle]. The sound of a horn will confirm correct code entry. Note: You must have a 100% game completion. Resume the completed game and find a telephone. Press [L1] or [R1] at the vehicle selection menu to choose a new car.

Hold [L1] + [R1] at the options screen and press [Triangle], [X], [Triangle], [X]. The sound of a horn will confirm correct code entry.

Display speedometer
Hold [L1] + [R1] at the options screen and press [Triangle]x2, [Circle], [Square]. The sound of a horn will confirm correct code entry.

Grid view
Hold [L1] + [R1] at the options screen and press [Circle], [X], [Circle], [Triangle]. The sound of a horn will confirm correct code entry.

Alternate views
Hold [L1] + [R1] at the options screen and press [Circle]x3, [X]. The sound of a horn will confirm correct code entry.

Phased view
Hold [L1] + [R1] at the options screen and press [Triangle], [Square], [Triangle], [Square]. The sound of a horn will confirm correct code entry.

New Year's theme
Set the system date to January 1st to see various things in the game change to a New Year's theme.

Thanksgiving theme
Set the system date to the last hursday in November to see various things in the game change to a Thanksgiving theme.

Christmas theme
Set the system date to December 25th to see various things in the game change to a Christmas theme.

Itchy And Scratchy cartoon
Collect all cards in the game then go to Lisa's level. Go to the Android's Dungeon. Talk to the Comic Book Guy and buy a ticket for the cartoon. Then, go to the Aztec Theater to watch the cartoon.
Skip missions
To get through the game faster by skipping levels, try and fail a mission five times. Then, try again and fail. You will be given "Yes", "No", and "Skip" choices to try again. Select "Skip" to advance faster through the game.

Ride an ATV or Quad
You can find an ATV or Quad to ride at the trailer park in Homer's and Marge's levels. It is between two trailers at the far end.

In Marge's level, go to the trailer park short cut then go near the end of it. You will see a card floating on the top of the trailer. Go on the left side of it and you will see a blue ATV.

Drive the monorail
In Bart's first level, go to the entrance/exit to the highway. Where there is a split road, go to the right and up the stairs. You will see a monorail. Go to the front car and press [Triangle] to drive the first monorail car around.

Drive Nightboat
When playing as Lisa, drive any car to the pier and look for the huge oil tanker with a Globex sign on one side with a jump in front of it. Jump through the Globex sign and drive to the top. Do not drive off. Park your car next to the little gap/walkway on the left. Hop out and run up to the first set of crates. Hop up to the very top and shimmy around the ledge. Inside the top crate is the Nightboat.

Drive RC car
On the final level as Homer, drive to where the firetruck is a long ramp. As you jump off it, look off to the side. You will see a little car with an antenna. Slowly drive up past where the truck attaches to the ladder/ramp then drive fast towards the building with mildew under the roof. You could also climb up the other firetruck that is in the wreckage next to the building. Jump on the ladder, then go up to the top of the firetruck. Next, go over the side of the roof with the horizontal wood, then to the top of the roof with the RC car.

On top of the Krusty Burger on Homer's final mission, drive your car up the fire truck ladder. Try to land on the top of the Krusty Burger. Get out of your car and you will see what looks like a remote control car. You can actually drive it around town.

Drive a rocket car
In Homer's first level, drive to the power plant at the back of the town. Then, drive through the power plant. Once you reach the end, keep going along the road and on the left, in front of one of the big gold houses near Mr. Burns' mansion, you will find a blue and white rocket car that you can drive around.

Drive road vehicles
To drive another person's vehicle, walk up to it, press [Triangle], and drive. This is a lot quicker than standing on its roof. When in the vehicle, notice that the person that was originally driver is still there. Your character will be in the passenger side and you are not controlling them. This happens sometimes with vehicles that you get from a phone (for example, Mr. Burns' limo that Smithers is driving).

Multi-player racing game
Collect all the cards in one level to unlock the multi-player racing mini game.

Nuclear death
At the power plant, go to Homer's workplace. Press [Triangle] on the switch.

Fix car damage
When your car blows up and you need it back quickly, get in the wreck and drive into a wrench. This will return your car to its original form.

Beating Smithers to Mr. Burns
To beat Smithers to Mr. Burns in the last mission in level 1, purchase the Duff Truck from Gil and use it in the race. Immediately when the level starts, drive it so it is facing the entrance booth and stop it halfway between the fence and the booth. Immediately exit from the car. Borrow a car that is driving into or out of the plant to drive to Mr. Burns while Smithers keeps trying to get the truck out of the way. If done correctly, he will not be able to do so.

Enable the "Instant vehicle explosions" code. As soon as the race starts, drive into Mr. Smithers. He will explode, and you can then just drive to Mr. Burns.

Delivering toxic waste
On the mission in the level 7 where you have to deliver toxic waste, use any car you can hijack the one that you use to pick up the toxic waste. Then, get into a fast car or anything else and drive to the school. Now you do not have to worry about exploding the toxic waste. You should see the civilian car driving with the toxic waste on the back. Just get into it and complete your mission.

Drive Skinner's sedan back to the The moon from Abe's Odyssey
In Bart's level 2, go down to where the shipwreck and the red is running into the water at the Squidport. Look at where the lighthouse is shining. When the light faces backwards, it will shine on the moon that is in Abe's Odyssey, with the hand print on it.

Easy money
Get the rocket car in front of one of the mansions. After you drive around and it gets destroyed, make sure you remember where you left it. Then, look for one of the wrenches and get it while out of a car. The rocket car will now return. You can smash it again and keep getting money as many times as desired.

Enable the "Invincibility" and "Instant vehicle explosions" codes. Drive around town, hitting all the cars you can. You will get $10 for every car that you explode. Note: This will cause a hit and run; watch out for the cops.

One of the best ways to get money is to smash cars/objects and collect the coins, but you will inevitably get a Hit And Run and have to avoid the cops. There is a way to avoid this and collect all the coins desired. First, intentionally incite a Hit And Run. Next, press [Start] and go to the mission selection screen. Choose any mission. When you return to the game, the police lights are still flashing around the radar but there are no police chasing you. You can smash up everything in sight for as long desired and no police will ever bother you. The only thing you have to do is keep the police lights flashing around the radar. If you let the Hit And Run end, you will have to start the trick over again.

Enable the "Instant vehicle explosions" code then crash some cars. You should get some coins for each car.

Look for Buzz Cola boxes, vending machines, and Wasp cameras and destroy them. You will get about 30 coins from each of them.

Kick Buzz Cola boxes or vending machines twice and they will not explode. Return later and you can kick them two more times for more coins. Note: You have to drive far away after the two kicks or when you return it will explode.

Enable the "Instant vehicle explosions" and "Very Fast car" codes. While driving, bump into the cars which will give you money. Keep on doing this and you will eventually get a Hit And Run. The cops will begin chasing you. Keep going as out of control as much as possible but still move and bump into cars. When the police try to bust you, they will have to touch and thus explode and also give you money. Keep doing this and you will not get caught unless you stop moving.

In Homer's level, go to the tobacco fields where you help Cletus. Run over all of the stalks of tobacco with a car. Note: This will also give you a Hit And Run, so do not stay too long.

To a lot of the Buzz Cola coins, get a very fast car with good handling. Drive around Springfield repeatedly until you get the desired amount of coins. While you are driving, go slow enough but not too much to find cola boxes, cola glass billboards, and cola vending machines to get the coins.

Win all street races
Enable the "Instant vehicle explosion" and "Invincibility" codes then enter a street race. Bump into all the racing cars and they should explode. If done correctly, you will win every street race that you enter.

Easy mission completion
Note: This trick only works with missions that ask you to find a car and travel to a location in a limited amount of time. When you cannot complete a level because time runs out before you can reach a location, just find out where the location is and fail the mission. Then, try the same mission again, but run to the location instead of driving there. The timer will not start counting down until you enter a vehicle.

For some of the missions (for example, Clueless) where you are instructed to get in your car, before the mission starts park your car in front of the check point. Then, talk to the person you are supposed to speak with. After talking to the person, jump on a car traveling in the direction of where you parked your car and ride it to your destination. Note: Do not hijack the car -- just hop on top of it. The car will keep going.

Burning rubber
When you are about to start a new game, go to options menu and enable the "Fast cars" and "Red brick car" codes. In Homer's first level, get the rocket car and it will be the little red brick car. Get in it then hold [L1] until you are at a complete stop. Keep [L1] held and you will start to skid flames for a moment.

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