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Jun. 10, 2011
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Level select
Press [L1], [L2], [L1], [L2], [L3], [R1], [R2], [R1], [R2], [R3] at the title screen.

Unlock Pumkin Jack and Santa Jack costumes
Press [Down], [Up], [Right], [Left], [L3], [R3] while playing.
Thespian Jack costume
Get an "A" rank on all levels.

Phantom Jack costume
Get an "S" rank on all levels and complete both secret chapters.

PJs Jack costume
Successfully complete the game.

Santa Jack costume
Defeat the Doctor.

Alternate costumes
To change costumes, enter Jack's closet in his house.

Get an "A" in all ranks in the indicated chapter to unlock the corresponding figure:

Baby Spiders: Chapter 16
Barrel: Chapter 11
Behemoth: Chapter 9
Clown: Chapter 12
Corpse Kid: Chapter 21
Doctor Finklestein: Chapter 8
Fire and Ice Kings: Chapter 20
Green Elf: Chapter 22
Hanging Tree: Chapter 4
Igor: Chapter 6
Lock: Chapter 5
Mayor: Chapter 14
Mega Oogie: Chapter 24
Mr Hyde: Chapter 19
Oogie Boogie: Chapter 10
Pumpkin King: Chapter 5
Red Elf: Chapter 22
Roulette Oogie: Chapter 17
Sally: Chapter 18
Sandy Claws: Chapter 23
Santa Jack: Chapter 8
Shadow Oogie: Chapter 1
Shock: Chapter 7
Short Witch: Chapter 2
Super Spider: Chapter 16
Tall Witch: Chapter 2
The 3 Brats in a Tub: Chapter 15
Vampire #1: Chapter 13
Vampire #2: Chapter 13
Vampire #3: Chapter 13
Vampire #4: Chapter 13
Zero: Chapter 3

Defeat all monsters in the indicated location to unlock the corresponding figure:

Blue Skeleton: Hidden Place 6
Halloween Ghost: Hidden Place 8
Heat Skeleton: Hidden Place 1
King Ghost: Hidden Place 3
King Skeleton: Hidden Place 16
Orc Skeleton: Hidden Place 11
Trick and Treat: Hidden Place 17, after getting the Blue Ornament
Troll Skeleton: Hidden Place 5

Continue screen bonuses
After losing your lives and the continue screen appears, try to stop the timer at the following times to get the corresponding bonus:

7.77: 500 souls
6.66: Single blinking pumpkin, no souls lost, but no full health
0.01: 500 souls, Crystal Bottles, Blue Souls, and Red Souls refilled (if you have a Gold Pumpkin)

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