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Master code
Enter "OVERSEER" as a code. Everything except the multi-player levels will be unlocked.

Enter "MINIME" as a code. The message "Invincibility" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Multi-player levels
Enter "ANDREW" as a code to unlock the two multi-player levels.

Enemy ship gallery
Enter "SHIPS" as a code.

Pre-production art
Enter "PLANETS" as a code.

Reversed controls
Enter "JARJAR" as a code. The message "Jar Jar Mode" will appear to confirm correct code entry.

Programmer message
Enter "LTDJGD" as a code.

View programming team
Enter "TEAM" as a code.

James' day of work
Enter "JAMES" as a code.

Christmas FMV sequence
Enter "WOZ" as a code.

Alternate camera angles
Enter "DIRECTOR" as a code. The message "Director Mode" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Press [Select] to cycle camera views or [R1] to zoom in.

Charm's Way mission
Earn a bronze medal in The Royal Escort, Contract Infraction, Piracy Above Lok, Taking The Offensive, The New Resistance, and The Final Assault missions.

Canyon Sprint mission
Earn a silver medal in the Naboo Proving Grounds, The Royal Escort, Taking The Offensive, Midnight Munitions Run, Rescue On The Solleu, and The Final Assault missions.

Guardian Mantis ship
Earn a gold medal in the Contract Infraction, Secrets On Eos, and The New Resistance missions.

Darth Maul's Infiltrator ship
Earn a gold medal in all default missions.

Robot riding a missile
In the Charm's Way bonus level, quickly get near the second Trade Federation missile frigate. Look carefully to see some missiles being launched. Cycle your targets until one missile identified as "ChrisCorrpedo" appears. Quickly fly towards it to see a robot riding on top of a missile.

Hidden pictures
In the Naboo Proving Ground level, ignore Essara's instructions to follow her and boost in the opposite direction. When you see a blue wall, go through it. You will end up in the gallery featuring characters from the LucasArts game Outlaws.
When confronting Harro Ruuk after destroying the sensor station, fly up in the air. On your way down, hold the brakes and wait for him to surface. When he does, drop your energy bombs.

Glitch: Explore ship in final mission
After destroying the generator in the final mission, you can fly through the wall behind where the generator used to be and go anywhere on the giant ship. This works better if you use the Sith Infiltrator.

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