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Unlock Assist
Solidarity - Bring shocker to jail (after beating him).
Big Wheel - Keep choosing the bad choice when you asked by computer (after beating Tinkerer).
Black Cat - Choose to save Black cat when you fight her (pick the 1st choice when asked by Smythe).
Random Assist - You can get mysterio, Night Crawler, Wolverine, Ctylok, Galactus, Hypno Hustler randomly by beating any level or buying the ultra rare powe ups.
Shocker - choose to free Shocker after defeating him.
Hobgoblin - Keep choosing the bad choice (the 2nd/3rd choice) before fighting Kraven.
Jessica Drew - Choose to help Shield crew from the symbiote (before you fight with Jessica Drew).
Luke Cage - Make the bad choice (2nd choice) when you asked by a man who say he can divert the train containing symbiote.
Storm - Keep choosing the good answer when you asked by computer after defeating Tinkerer.

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