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Aug. 19, 2009
Nov. 29, 2006
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Secret headset commands
There a few secret commands to say into the headset.
"Bravo open/close door" (when close to a door -- point at it with the crosshairs)
"Hands up, get down" (sneak up to guards and yell it)
"Bravo diffuse bomb" (when pointing crosshairs at bomb)
"Breech, Bang, Clear" (clear a room by pointing crosshairs into it - your team will throw in two bang, grenades, and a frag)
"Team low profile" (team sneaks around killing terrorists stealthy)
"I got a gun! What do you got?"
"Don't ask don't tell" (team not very helpful and dumber than usual).

"Get down" or "Hands up" (used to get enemies to surrender).
"Bravo open door"

If Spectre or Jester is carrying a sniper rifle, you can use the command "Bravo Snipe".

"Bravo kill me" (They will kill you).

"Bravo report status" (They will tell you what they are doing).

There is a headset command that you do not see in the list, "Bravo/team snipe". It requires that you selecte one snipe rifle for both (A and B) at least, and that you are pointing your crosshairs on the enemy you want to snipe. The game will give you this as an "attack to", but the attack is by sniping (even if the other teammates have a simple rifle). This does not always work.

Point your crosshairs at an escortee that you have and say "Bravo escortee (any escortee you have) to (any nav point)". Yhey will keep the escortee between them and slowly make their way to the desired nav point. This is very useful in mission 10; just make sure that you send them to "Charlie" first and keep Bravo on "fire at will". Note: If you have multiple escortees, tell Bravo to take half of them while you take the other half.
More weapons
Successfully complete the game under the "Ensign" difficulty setting to unlock terrorist weapons in the armory during single player mode. Successfully complete the game under the "Lieutenant" difficulty setting to unlock the MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher).

Level select
Successfully complete the game under the "Lieutenant JG" difficulty setting.

Lieutenant JG difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the "Ensign" difficulty setting.

Lieutenant difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the "Lieutenant JG" difficulty setting.

Lieutenant Commander difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the "Lieutenant" difficulty setting.

Commander difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the "Lieutenant Commander" difficulty setting.

Captain difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the "Commander" difficulty setting.

Rear Admiral difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the "Captain" difficulty setting.

Vice Admiral difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the "Rear Admiral" difficulty setting.

Admiral difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the "Vice Admiral" difficulty setting.
Mission 1
At the beginning where you have to eliminate the guards, just tell Bravo to ambush. Sit back and watch them take them out. They will do the same for the next three guards on the other side of the barge. When you do not feel comfortable about a room or area, tell them to ambush and they will clear that location.

Mission 2
At the beginning, tell your men to hold their position and go to the right, up the hill. Stay to the left side of the hill while ascending it. You will see an enemy fairly soon in the mission. Quietly and carefully snipe him. There will be another one very shortly after the one you just killed. Continue on the cliff and you will reach a drop off to another cliff. Jump down. Walk slowly to the edge or close to it until you can see the small cabin. Snipe the man standing outside quickly with one or two shots. Then, tell your men to regroup after you jump down from the cliff and go to the cabin. There will be one or two men inside -- kill them quickly. Keep moving north -- that is where all the action is located.
Objective 1: You will find the Intel in the big place with the bridge-type object on the third floor. It is in the laptop.

Objective 2: The weapon caches are the boxes stacked on top of each other. Put C4 on those and that will do the job.

Objective 3: As one of the secondary objectives, blow up the generator with C4 as well.
Mission 2: Funny comment
Plant C4 on the outside of one of the outhouses. After it explodes, one of your men will sometimes say "I guess i will have to hold it, right sir?".

Mission 2: Exploding outhouse
Toss a grenade into the toilet hole in the outhouses. If done correctly, the outhouse explodes and waste will rain down onto the area with little splattering sounds, leaving a large skidmark Hole where the outhouse used to be. You can even give orders to have the squad do it with the crosshairs. However, if it is not done correctly, only the shack around the toilet will be destroyed. The grenade has to make it down into the toilet for it to work.

Hint. Mission 2: Outhouse ambush
When you first reach the base area, go left and hide behind a snow pile near the front of the cabin. Wait and you will see a man exit the cabin and walk away. Follow him without being spotted and he will go into the outhouse. Wait until he goes inside and closes the door. Open the door and kill him. You will hear one of your men say, "Never done that before!".

Mission 2: Crawl into tube
In the room that you get the laptop, open the door and fall onto the tube. You can crawl into it.

Mission 2: Getting the laptop
Go to the hut that has the power generator. On one of the sides, there is a switch. Flip it and the power will go off. Do this before going to get the laptop. None of the files will be deleted because there will be no warning of you coming up the stairs.

Mission 2: Cabin
When you start, send Bravo to Charlie by using the menu one. Do not walk until it says that it has been completed. If you are having trouble clearing the cabin, walk in it after they are all dead.

Mission 3
When you start, tell your men to hold there positions. Walk straight ahead and you will see a small path. Follow it and quietly sneak up behind the enemy. You will get a choice to stab him. Press [Circle] and he will die. Run back to the other side, where you first started. Sneak up into the weeds and prone down. You will see two more guards walking. You can snipe them from where you are located. Proceed forward quietly and you will see two more guards you can snipe without getting too close. Next, tell Bravo to stealth to the little shack. Go thorough the water and proceed up the hill. You will see a small hill with a tree and bushes. Go up that hill and prone down. You can now snipe the last guard. Then, run to Charlie and go up the hill to left where the wall is located. You will see something like a hallway. Go through there quietly and come around the corner. Walk up to the guard and kill him with a knife. Proceed to other side where you first came out and do the same thing to other guard. Then, tell your team to regroup and you can clear the area. Note: Two guards are on the top of the wall -- be patient.

An easy way to get past the first part of the mission, if you do not care about the first secondary objective, is to just say "Support sweep" into the headset. A chopper will appear, shooting and smoking all enemies except for the sniper in the shack northwest of the first shack in front of you.

Mission 3: Defuse the bombs
In this mission, you must defuse three bombs in the allotted time. To make things easier, disarm the to bombs close together to the northeast. Then, kill the terrorist leader in Building C. This will reset the clock. Next, go for the last bomb. Each bomb takes slightly under thirty seconds to defuse.

Mission 4
Go prone and go under the huts. Blow holes in the floor, the enemy will not know what hit them. Note: Throw a flash bang or a smoker in the window first. When more enemies appear the final hut, throw frags out behind the hut while you are still on it. Kill anyone who charges. Then, crouch and move silently around the perimeter in the back of the island and kill the surviving snipers.

Mission 6
When you start out using a grenade launcher, turn slightly to your right and aim to the split of the palm. Fire, if aimed correctly, it should read "Bad Dog Killed" at the top of your screen.

Mission 8
At the beginning of the level, throw two grenades to kill the guards then destroy the soldiers behind the tree with Bravo team. Then, tell the soldiers to ambush to kill any enemies you cannot kill yourself. Keep doing this for the rest of the mission.

Mission 8: Large enemy force
This is a desert level. If you go out of bounds in the head set you will hear "Are you prepared to abort the mission? Yes or no." Ignore the message and keep running. You will encounter about 100 to 150 men that look like the enemy. They will all come for your team, even if you go back into the mission. Equip all your men with M-60s and plow them down. It is good target practice. Afterwards, grab their AK47s or AK74s and you will literally never run out of ammunition again on the level.

Mission 9: Hide in caves
The caves can be difficult. Use the following trick to avoid being seen by the CPU. Look up in the brightly lit areas to see lights hanging down from the ceiling. Shoot the lights and the enemy will not know what hit them.

Mission 10
You do not have to be stealthy during this mission. Arm your fire team with M60s, a silenced pistol, frags, and extra ammunition. When you start, there are two Tangos around the rock. The alarm may go off. If not, run to the beginning of the bridge. Instead of taking the path under the bridge, go to the end of the bridge. There will be an enemy at the top of the front gate. Take him out. There will now be a few more enemies in the area. Kill them, then go to the entrance of the compound. On the way there, take out the guard towers. The alarm will be going off. Tell Bravo to hold at the entrance -- do not let them enter. Next, go set a sachet charge with Charlie outside of the compound. When you set it, tell Bravo to enter the compound, then you enter. Wait a minute and take out all enemies. Make sure you get them all. There are two with MGLs. Next, disable the generater. There will be a sniper tower next to you, Take it out. Next, there are two buildings to the right of the tower. Follow the wall of the last building. Clear out the building. There are two Tangos on the first floor and one to three on the second floor. Take the map on a table on the second floor. Then, rescue Mr. Pickle. Tell Bravo to frag and clear the building. Then, tell them to wait outside of the door so you do not run into any uninvited guests. When you rescue him, tell Bravo to attack to Foxtrot. Run out of the compound with Mr. Pickle from the hole you made with the Satchel. Meet up with Bravo Element. Tell them to follow you to the extraction zone.

If you do not complete the mission before the Hind gets to the base camp, go in a building. Close the door and shoot the Hind through a window or the window of the door.

If you kill the guards behind the rock then get to the main gate with the sniper, set a claymore near the gate or next to the hinges. Then, get your team away from the gate and blow it up. It should blow open and give you an easy way in.

Mission 11
In the second to last round where you have to defuse the nukes, wait in the bushes at the beginning. Almost all enemies will appear and run towards you. Then, go up the stairs. If you wait outside, one to three enemies will run at you. Run through the entrance. Make sure there are no enemies on the left immediately as you walk in, in a little notch in the wall on the right and behind a table directly in front of you. You will go to the entrance to another room. Wait outside and point a gun at the little doorway. About five enemies will run out. They are easy to kill. You can either go through that door to reach the cave complex or go straight ahead. There are many enemies in front. If you run in and quickly run out and go to the prone position, you can kill up to ten or so enemies very easily. You may want to do this because you will have to face them on the way back to the extradition point. If you go through the first choice, you will pass a generator and go through a small cave out into the open. Be careful -- a sniper is up on a little hill to the right. Kill him and wait a couple seconds. Another enemy with a grenade launcher will appear. Kill him quickly. Go through the little passageway to a relatively open area. You will find a little doorway -- you must go through there. If you wait, the enemy should come out, but that takes a bit of time. Go in and there is one enemy to the left, two to the right, and sometimes a sniper up the little passageway to the right. When you are done with this part, follow the map into the a set of small rooms. Many enemies are hiding behind boxes and will run at you quickly. An intermission featuring the enemies saying how great they are will start. You will go down that dark way and see a large rock. Behind that is the doorway. About six enemies are in there. Do not go in. Instead, throw a few grenades and try to kill as many as you can. If you go in too fast, they will arm one of the nukes. This means you will have one minute to get it defused. If it does get armed, listen for a beeping sound. That is the nuke you need to defuse. There are also two or three enemies waiting in there. When you defuse that nuke, run across and arm the other nuke. You have about seven to eight minutes to get out. Be careful as there will be enemies running at you. The number varies, depending how many you killed at the beginning. Be very careful when running out of the complex the nukes are in. It does not matter which way you go. You will end up at the initial place at the beginning of the round. There is one last enemy hiding. He shoots and kills very fast. Turn on your nightvision to locate and kill him. There should be no enemies after that, and you can move to extradition.

Mission 12
At the start of the mission, set your team to open fire and tell them to attack to Foxtrot. Jester and Spectre will run there and kill all the enemies in their sight. Then, set your gun to fully automatic and run to the left. Stay to the left of the building and there should be two men. Kill them quickly then keep going. You should see a building to the right with two raised parts; it almost resembles a "U". Climb up the center and kill the man that is up there, if Boomer already has not done so. Then, climb the stairs to the right and cross the makeshift bridge. Fat Cat should be on that level, somewhere usually in the room to the left. After killing him, get down and take the same route used to get here from the insertion point. The Bravo team should still be fighting enemies. Point inside the large building and tell the Bravo team to ambush it. They should go in and kill off a group of enemies. After you are confident that the building is semi-clear, go in yourself and climb up the stairs. There still may be some enemies up there. Take them out, and Kitten should be up there. Kill him and wait for the intermission sequence.

Snipers on large maps
On large maps with a lot of places that could hide snipers (such as the Rescue POWs mission), give Boomer and Specter sniper rifles. The have a great chance of seeing something you do not, and killing it before you can find it.

Taking out snipers
If you do not have a sniper rifle and you need to take care of a sniper, use your goggles to look at him and put him between the middle point. Then, press [Down] to return to normal mode and shoot with your pistol. It will almost always kill him.

Easy mission completion
This process takes longer, but you can get a higher grade and not lose a lot of life. Always take a suppressed weapon, sidearm or rifle (M4A1-SD and 9mm-SD recommended). Use silent kills such as the rifle butt and the knife attack. Wounded enemies may fire back if they see you. Always make sure they are dead before proceeding. This is an easy and safe way to get through a mission, but takes longer.

Easy kills
Arm Boomer and Specter with a high power rifle and keep saying "Bravo snipe", or yell into headset and say "Team low profile". It will take a long time, but Bravo will kill all the terrorists in the mission.

In every level at night, snipe out the lights surrounding sentries or guards. This makes it a lot easier knife attack them from behind without raising any alarms or attention. Note: Only use a SR-25 SD, M4A1 SD, or other sidearm.

To save your teammates on any mission you need to clear buildings, instead of ambushing with Bravo, shoot out a window. Tell Bravo to cover the area. Then, quickly switch to a HE or frag grenade. Throw on into one side of the room, then quickly throw another into the other side of the room. The room or hut should be empty.

Shorter commands
The game needs correct pronunciation, but accepts shorter commands. For example: "Bravo attack cross for" for "crosshairs" or "Team cover" for "cover area".

Quick reload
Before you reach the end of your first ammo's mag, press [L3] to reload. This will allow you to have virtually unlimited ammunition.

Refill clip without reloading
Once you kill someone and you only have a few bullets in your clip, switch weapons with the person you just killed then switch back. Your clip will be full without the cost of one clip.

When you change your weapon with an enemies' weapon, then change back, you do not regain full ammunition. Every time you switch your weapon and switch back, your gun has a new clip inside. Press [R3] (new magazine), until you switch back to your used clip. To regain ammunition, find an enemy with the same gun or gun caliber that you have.

Ammo bonus
If you kill enemies with a knife, it seems as if you will obtain some ammo bonuses, such as M67, mags, etc.

Kick open door
Run towards a door while holding [X]. Release [X] as you get to the door to kick it open.

Hide in plain sight
Always stay in the prone position (crawl). Use the surrounding foliage (trees, grass, etc.) as cover (the thicker the better). With all these steps in mind, plus camos, the enemy should just stroll past you. Note: This tips work better in online play as the single player AI is smarter.

Low profile
This special command should not be a "stealth to" exactly, but it change stance. It should be like the [Triangle] button. This is not really useful, because "A" uses your way to go on; if you are prone, Boomer will be prone, etc.

Slide when you are down
When you get shot and have your gun out, or if you get knocked down by a grenade, press [Reload]. Sometimes you will slide if you hold it and try to move as if walking. However, most of the time ypu will just get up quickly.

More weapons and smarter AI
Complete all twelve missions to get more weapons (Desert Eagle, Uzi, and Grenade Launcher). The enemies will also be smarter and better shots. The more you play through, the higher your rank will be, plus more weapons and more intelligent enemies.

If you or Boomer are injured, have Bravo lead the way, especially with a hostage. This allows you to make sure the hostage does not get shot and you do not lose Boomer or yourself.

Using headset with PC
You can plug your SOCOM headset into the USB port on a PC for instant access to headphones or a microphone.

Weapon and equipment list
226 Pistol
DE . 50 Pistol
F57 Pistol

Silenced Pistols
Mark 23 SD Silenced Pistol
9MM pistol
Automatic Pistol: Glock Model 18

Carbines and Grenade Launchers
M14 Rifle
M16A2 Rifle
M16A2-M203 Rifle
AKS-74 (Long Stock) Rifle
AKS-74 (Folding Stock) Rifle
AK-47 Assault Rifle
M4A1 Assault Rifle
M4A1 SD Assault Rifle
M4A1-M203 Assault Rifle
552 Submachine Gun
HK5 Submachine Gun
HK5 SD Submachine Gun
F90 Machine Gun:M60E3 Machine Gun
M63A Grenade Launcher

Sniper Rifles
M40A1Sniper Rifle
M82A1ASniper Rifle
SR-25Sniper Rifle
SR-25 SD

AN-M8 Grenade
HE Grenade
M67 Grenade
M79 Frag Round (6) Grenade
M79 HE Round (6) Grenade
M79 Smoke Round (3) Grenade
M203 Frag Round (6) Grenade
M203 HE Round (3) Grenade: Mark 141 Flash Bang
Mine: Claymore
Explosive:C4 Explosive
Satchel Charge
Equipment: Double Ammo
Glitch: Ammunition discrepancy
In any level, if you are running out of ammunition on any gun, drop the gun you have and pick up a different one. When you pick your gun back up, you will have the same number magazines, but the ammo inside the magazine will be restored. For example, if you have a gun with 2/30 5 mags, drop it. Pick it up and it now has 30/30 5 mags.

Glitch: Avoid death by claymore blast
Plant a claymore in front of you. When you stand up from planting it, turn 45 degrees to the right, but do not move your body (just your view). Do the same thing with the other two claymores. After you are done planting them, make sure that you have not moved from the circle of claymores and detonate them. If done correctly, you should fly back, but not die.

Glitch: Suicidal team
On mission 3, make sure that Bravo team has some Frag Grenades. When you start the mission, walk forward slightly, then turn around. You will notice Bravo team holding their positions. Give the command "Bravo Team, commit suicide" and they will reply with "Yes sir" or "Ho-wa!". Then, they will throw a grenade and kill themselves. This trick works on some missions, but not all of them.

Glitch: Teleport
Note: This does not work in newer versions of the game. Go to a wall that lets you hang on it, and not one that you just quickly climb up. Stand directly in front of the wall crouched down. Press [X] to climb on it, press [Triangle], then drop down. You will be standing. Then, hold [Right] or [Left] and shoot one bullet. Your screen will glitch, then your character will appear somewhere else. Hold [Left] or [Right] again and shoot to teleport somewhere else.

Glitch: More enemies
On the last mission, Deathblow, select the entire team a M4A1 or a M16A2. Complete the first objective by killing Kitten then retreat back to the starting point. Continue to Nav point Foxtrot, where there will be at least ten to fifteen enemies around that area. Be careful because three to five enemies are carrying MGLs.

Glitch: Prison Break: Hind in armory
When you get Mr. Pickle's map in the armory, clear the building of enemies. If the enemy Hind helicopter appears, stay on the main floor of the armory. The Hind will fly inside the armory and you can shoot it until it is gone.

Glitch: The Ruins: Get underground
Start as a SEAL and go to the SEAL base. At the base of the hill, back into the crevice until your character starts shaking. Then, strafe left and you will be underground, unable to be killed.

Glitch: Multi-player Bitter Jungle: Get in wall
On the terrorists side, go to the box near the cave. Lay down faceing it, about one body length away. Quickly press [Triangle]x2, [Square] while pressing [Left Analog-stick Up]. If done correctly, you should be on the first box. Then, turn to your right facing the tree. Jump forward and you should be on top of the net over the terrorist's base. If you have an early version of the game, you can jump on the rock next to the tree then go through the wall; or you can go to the corner to the left of the tree going counter clockwise and jump through that rock.

Glitch: Multi-player Death Trap: Get underground
If you are a terrorist, the bunker on the far right of the stage (if SEAL, to the far left) has a "soft wall" in the ramp way near the entrance at the ground level of the bunker. As a terrorist you are most likely approaching from the bottom of the bunker. Travel up the walkway near the top. SEALS will approach from the ground outside down the walkway. If playing as a terrorist travel up two ramp levels. Seals will travel down one ramp level once in the entrance. Proceed until you can turn and face the side of the wall, so that you can see the entrance of the bunker on the right side of the screen. Then, turn from where you came from as a terrorist on the left side of the screen. Carefully walk forward and you will begin to enter into the wall. Stay on the straight path of walking into the wall. If you veer left, you will fall back onto the walkway from where you came from. Once inside the wall, you can walk right and all around under the ground.

Glitch: Multi-player Night Stalker: Get inside wall
if you are a SEAL, jump over the little wall then go to the right, up the stars. There will be a wall. Go to the corner of the wall and run. Slowly turn and you will go in. You can shoot people on the other side and jump to get higher.

Glitch: Multi-player Blizzard
If you are a SEAL, go to the way right down the hill. Find the tree next to the wall. Aim straight at the middle of the tree. Aim your gun up then walk back. You may need to fire once or twice. If it starts to shake, try again.

Glitch: Mission 5: Get mission objective already completed
In the Hohn Kaen temple mission, where you rescue the ambassador and his wife, tell Bravo to hold their position (they may already be doing this). Continue through the mission as usual, making sure every enemy you see is dead, up to the place where the wife is located. Kill the enemies in there, and give the command "Bravo, Regroup." Wait about a minute, then Jester will say "What say we sit tight and make a better plan to get the little lady, sir?". Wait a few more seconds, and the top of the screen will read "Current Objective: Secure Flank Before Entering Temple Complex", even though you already completed that objective. Note: You do not have to do the objective again. Continue the mission as usual.

Glitch: Mission 6: Sink into hill
It is possible to win the BadDog level (Mission 6, City Of The Forgotten) by sinking into a hill. Before you go up the stone staircase (where the little fire is burning), you will pass on the right hand side what appears to be doorways made of stone. These doorways on your right are all connected and lead nowhere. They appear to be there for game ambiance. The very last doorway has a small grass mound leading up into it (and a single shoot of a plant). You will notice that if you crouch (do not stand or lay down), you can move up to this grass hill and almost sink into it. Almost all of your body disappears until you can only see your hat. Once you have nudged up very close to this grassy hill, go to night-vision. Then, very slowly rotate your view to the left so that you start looking "into" the game (as if you are looking behind the scenes). When you are looking "into" the game graphics, go to the prone position. You are now crawling behind the scenes, out of enemy reach. Crawl forward to make sure it works (that your entire body is out of the regular game play and behind the scenes). Then, stand up. You can now walk around the entire game (until you get to the "sub-level" area) behind the scenes, killing everyone. Remember, your team is still out in the open as you walk up to the enemy and will get shot if you are not careful. Keep trying until you learn how to slink into that grassy hill in that last stone doorway. Note: This was done at the Lt. JG rank. Just nudge and glance in night-vision a few times before you sink in. By using this trick, you can sneak all the way up to BadDog and pick him off while he is standing there with his bodyguards.

Glitch: Mission 8: Walk through wall
Near the start of the mission, there is high but thin rock near the lookout point. It is located about four feet from the edge of the map. Clear Area 2 and the entry area or else the Tangos will not all load. Go through the passage between the edge and the rock and attempt to climb up the rock. If done correctly, you will run up the rock. Then, jump from the rock to the closest point on the ledge across from you. If done correctly, you will land safely on the ledge. Walk through the wall and kill all the enemies.

Glitch: Mission 10: Teammate falls in air
Clear the area before the bridge. Kill one of you teammates. Carry them to the edge of the cliff (on the right side of the bridge). Line your self directly beside the cliff and drop your person. Your teammate well now be falling in the air, dead. This may require a few attempts.

Glitch: Climb underground
In any mission with a ladder, climb to the top, ladder slide, turn around 180 degrees, and press [X]. If done correctly, you will climb under the ground.

Get in a standing position at the top of a ladder, then do a ladder slide. Do not move the Left Analog-stick [Right] until the "Climb" button appears. Climb the ladder and slide again. You can only do this with every ladder in single player and online mode.

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