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Aug. 06, 2009
Quick Command
To use quick command in single player missions in S3, follow to below information:

To have all SEALs stay in a position, hold down [L2] for like a second.
To have all SEALs follow you, repeat above.
To tell Bravo to go to a spot, point you crosshairs in the spot and tap [L2].
One before can also be used to breech and other things, like mount up, down.

Switching Your Weapon Online
If you switch your primary with a dead person on another team, you get to keep their weapon the rest of the game. Example: If you are a Terrorist and you switch your AK-47 with some dead SEALs' IW-80 A2, you get to keep their IW for the rest of the whole game, not just a round.

Ghille Suit Usage
If you aren't even sure what the Ghille Suit is used It's mainly used for sniping. You could snipe in it and not be spotted so easily by people with the worse attention span. Silencing your sniper rifle will also help you stay hidden from enemies. Note: The ghille suit adds on a lot of load and it can make you run very slow so it wouldn't be a good idea to have a rocket launcher or anything with you. So don't take so much with you; the ghille suit takes the space of an extra weapon (grenades, mines, etc.).

In The Tank
Isn't it annoying trying to shoot somebody with the cannon on your tank? Especailly when they get way too close? Just switch to the machine gun if it's open and blast away. You'll kill them fast, if you are an accurate shooter. And if you are getting shot while on the machine gun, switch back into the tank (that's if the tank isn't full). It really helps and it gets rid of the frustration. ALSO it would be good if there was a driver while you are doing this. He could be running people over at the same time.

Unlocking The Ghille Suit And Other Characters
To unlock the Ghille Suit (a sort of camo that blends you in with your surroundings) and other chracters, you must beat the game on Commander difficulty or higher. You get different chracters for different areas of operations you beat.

Unlocking The STG 77 And IW-80 A2 For Online PLay
Beat the single player on admiral difficulty to unlock these two powerful assault rifles for online play. Note: STG 77 is for the Terrorists and the IW-80 A2 is for the SEALs.

Getting The Med. Scope And Front Grip
To get the medium scope, you must beat single player on Commander difficulty mode. To get the front grip, beat single player on Captain mode. Note: To be able to play Captain mode, you must beat Commander mode. It will be available afterwards and the thing goes with Admiral.

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