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Apr. 20, 2011
Unlock Kurando's Ultimate Weapon
After the movie at the platform with Kato go back to the Inugami Village and talk to Saki. She gives you an errand at the Dog Shrine. There you will find Kurando's Ultimate Weapon.

Unlock Solomon's Crest
To get the Solomon's Crest, complete the crest in the Solomon's Key with the proper arrangement. Then you'll have to defeat King Solomon himself. Once you've won, he will give you his crest which has the ability Melt Crest.

Good Ending
Before your final battles, Jeanne will ask you happiness is for you. Select the first one, "to live my life the way I want" to get a good ending. If you select, "to live a peaceful life" you will get a bad ending.

Lucia's Special Accessory
Go to Florence and talk to Carla. She will tell you to meet Lawrence at Southampton. There he will propose to Lucia and give her a "bride's dress". It has no special attributes. Equip it to see Lucia battle in her bride's.

Two Extra Cards
Start the game with a memory card with a saved game file from Shadow Hearts to receive two extra cards.

Theater Option
Beat the game once.

Unlock Ultimate Weapons
Lucia's Nemesis fan - Go to the cathedral shop on disc 2 and buy it for 500,000.

Yuri's Chemera - Speak with Roger in Wales (disc 2).

Karin's ultimate weapon - Go to St. Marguerite Island. Enter the store house to find ghosts. Help the, open each of their doors: Sailor, to the foreigner's cemetary; Lady, to the the lottery; Girl, bring the mask to the cathedral and again to the man next to the shop; Prisoner, offer him the tissue found at the lottery; Irene's Suitor, head south of Le Harve to speak with Irene; Professor, give him the heogralyphics in Wales. Go to Roger on disc 2 and talk to Professor Stein at Cannes. Locate Joachim's ultimate weapon Nautilus. Head back to the island and enter at the next door is Karin's best weapon.

Anastasia 's ultimate weapon - Collect all 5 silver angels and go to Edgar at Petrograd.

Geppeto's ultmate weapon - Go to Yokohama's streets talk to everyone. Someone will tell you about Cornelia. Then go to the doll house. There will be missions there. Do them to acquire the weapon.

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