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Play as roast duck
Successfully complete the game, then return to the main menu. Then, hold [L1] + [R1] and press [Circle], [Square], [Down], [Left] at the main menu. You can now play as a roast duck. Alternately, enable the "Chapter select" code. Choose Chapter 63 at the chapter selection screen. Complete that chapter to finish the game, then enable the code.

Chapter select
Hold [L1] + [R1] and press [Square], [Up], [Down], [Circle] at the main menu. All chapters will be unlocked at the chapter selection screen.

Bonus costumes
Successfully complete the game to unlock Jet Li's Once Upon A Time In China and Fist Of Legend costumes.

Hard mode
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting to unlock the hard difficulty setting.

FMV sequences
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Young Michelle and Young Kit Yun FMV sequences.
Extra adrenaline
Hold the "Left Analog-stick "in any direction after you finish a combo. Jet Li will strike a pose and your bar will increase.

Stronger Kit
Complete the game or enable the "Chapter select" code and go to the last scene. Then, go to the options, select the costume from Jet Li's "Once Upon a Time in China", then select "New Game". Kit will be slightly bigger and stronger.

Drunken Bar Owner level: Defeating the bar owner
If the bar owner is drowning you, tap the "Right Analog-stick" back and forth in one direction. It will help you get out of his hold faster. Do not swing the Analog-stick. Stay away from the bar owner when he is down. When he gets up, he will do a unblockable kick.

Note: The bar owner is not really drunk. He is using a style called drunken boxing. To defeat him easily, do not attack him head on. Just keep up your guard and grab him when you can. Do not let go until your Block runs out. Your Adrenaline will be at maximum and he will be coughing up water. This is your chance to attack him. Use your Adrenaline and keep attacking, preferably from the back. He will fall to the floor; keep attacking. When he gets up, you should get a nice five and higher combo on him. He does not do anything different; keep this up and he should be down in no time.

Security Breach level: Conversation about game
Go slightly into the level. Eventually you will end up behind two of the security guards standing next to each other. Before killing them, sneak up behind them and listen. The one on the left will be talking about his son, and how he wants the Jet Li Rise To Honor game. Note: In order to kill the two guards, you must throw the trash can at the one on the left, then quickly chop the other so that he will not call for back-up.

High diving move
At the beginning of the third stage where you have to use guns, do not use the special diving until you get to a truck where there are a lot of barrels up ahead. There is a pile of dirt behind the truck. Run to the top of the dirt and bust up the special diving move. You will see Jet Li perform a high diving move.

Double counter
In the fourth stage, after defeating the two punks guarding the elevator, you will fight another opponent. Hold [R1] until two men try to run at you and attack. As soon as they try to hit you, counter their attacks. Jet Li will perform a double counter move on them. It kill the two of them in one hit. This move can only be used in the part where you fight the skinny men. It cannot be used after you fight the man with a bat.

Defeating the final Boss
To defeat the final Boss, on the first stage just try to attack. During the second stage, grab him to get the gas mask. In the third stage, counter each move. He will dodge each move but you will eventually do a jump and kick him multiple times in the air.

There are going to be three stages during the final Boss battle. During the first stage, counter every move that he makes and eventually you will defeat him. In the second stage, you must go up to him. This is easiest when he is turned around. Then, press [R1] + "Left Analog-stick Forward" to grab his gas mask. Eventually he will give up. In the third and final stage you must first counter him and knock him down. Then, before he gets up, keep attacking him using [L1] as much as possible, before he has a chance to stand up and block your moves. You must keep fighting before he stands to block you. Try to trap him in the far right corner of the balcony, as this is slightly easier.

Defeating guards
Some of the guards in the hospital rooms can be big and strong, yet quick and fast. The easiest way to take them out is to do a counter ([R1] +[L1] + Right Analog-stick) immediately followed buy dunking their head in the sink via "Grab".

When you are fighting the guards in the masks and suits, you cannot block them. Instead, hold [R1] + [L1] and move the "Right Analog-stick" towards them to grab them, flip them over, and kick them in the back. They will automatically die.

When you fight the guard for the second time in a row, fight until the man with the tazer appears. Kill him and take his tazer. Then, block until your blue meter runs out. You will get drowsy for a few seconds and the guards will not hit you. When you are no longer drowsy, swing your tazer. As soon as the tazer touches the guard's body, he will die. This makes it much easier to decrease the number of the guards.

Instead of just hitting the men on the motorcycle, let them hit the men running at you instead. Note: You need full adrenaline to hit them off their motorcycles.

In the level 8 where you have to sneak, when you get to the elevator there will be a guard on the second floor and on the first floor. Go all the way to the right side until you see a vent that goes up. Press [R1] to jump up to the top. Then go up to the second level and move to the left until you see a rope going down. Use it, and Jet Li will perform a stunt then kick the guard on the second floor.

Jet Li pose
Get full adrenaline with guns then hold [L1] + [R2]. Jet Li will aim out somewhere (not toward anybody) and will look that direction.

Kit and Michele fight
When Kit and Michele fight together, use collaborative attacks. In collaborative mode, Michele and Kit touch, and while near each other, Jet Li's adrenaline increases.

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