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Mar. 09, 2010
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Cheat mode
Go to any map except the first and enter the options screen. Select "Sound", highlight the "Mute" option, then hold [L1] + [R1] and press [L2], [R2], [L2], [R2], [L2], [R2]. A cheat menu will appear.

Secret multi-player maps
Go to the first map, then enter the options screen. Select "Language", then select "Voices". Highlight the "Raymanian" option, then hold [L1] + [R1] and press [L2], [R2], [L2], [R2], [L2], [R2]. Three additional multi-player maps will be unlocked.

Baby Soccer secret map names
Hold [L1] + [R1] and press [L2], [R2], [L2], [R2], [L2], [R2] during game play in Baby Soccer.
Faster game completion
Win the Cave of Bad Dreams level. When the monster says that the treasure is yours, select "I want the treasure". You will be shown laying in a beach chair, on your own private island with the treasure behind you.

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