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Jan. 31, 2009
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Duel Blade Laser Sword
Pause the game and enter: [Circle], [Square], [Circle], [Square], [Up], [Down], [Left], [Left].

Unlock Characters
In Edit Profile hold [L2] and enter these codes:

[Left], [Left], [Left], [Left], [Up], [Right], [Up], [Left] - Dan Skin
[Up], [Up], [Up], [Left], [Right], [Up], [Left], [Up] - Nefarious Skin

Sly 2: Band of Thieves Demo
At the title screen, hold [L1] + [L2] + [R1] + [R2].
Free Ammo and Health
Go to any challenge like Annihilation Nation, start the challenge and quit and it refills your ammo and health. This will save you thousands of bolts.

Cheat List
You need skill points to unlock these cheats:

Big Head Heroes: R&C get big heads / 5 points
Time Feeze: Slow motion camera tracking during weapon select / 10 Points
Secret Agent Clank: Clank wears his Secret Agent costume / 15 Points
Big Head Enemies: Enemies get big heads / 20 Points
Ships to Ducks: All ships flying in the skys turn into ducks / 25 Points
Mirror Universe: Flips the screen horizontally / 30 Points

Unlock Skins
You need titanium bolts to unlock these skins:

Old School Ratchet: From 1st game (or free with save file from 1st game)
Snowman / 6 Bolts
Tuxedo Ratchet / 6 Bolts
Bugnoid / 6 Bolts
Brainius / 6 Bolts
Constructobot / 6 Bolts
Robo Rooster / 6 Bolts
Trooper / 5 Bolts
Robo / 5 Bolts

The Bomberman Mini-Game
First, go to star pheonix's vid comic room. Press triangle to select chapter then press square. Now put in YING_TZU.Finaly, press start and you get transported to insomniac museum to play a Bomberman-like minigame. It can go up to 4 players.

Wear Inferno Mode Armor Forever
When you get an inferno mode canister broken. Pause the game, go to skins, and equip current armor. You will have the armor on even after the Inferno effect wears off.

Override Weapon Switch in Arena
When fighting in the battle arena you will come upon matches where you weapon will auto switch after a few shots. To avoid this follow these steps. Start firing of shots till you get the hurricane. When it is out simply hold the fire button and don't let go or do a clank double jump and you will continue to fire the hurricane even though the weapon in you selector block will say something else. I find this easiest to do if you switch to lock-strafe-mode and then hold down [R1].

How To Get The Nano Pack
On the crash site go through the level until you reach the third big robot then you jump up the ledge. You should see a arch type structure there. Go to the end of the arch and look up then use your hypershot. Then from there you go through more hypersot targets. Boom there it is!

Fast Weapon XP
Need easy stages to get weapon experience? Play the Annihilation Nation challene against Scorpio to rack up the XP. Some weapons, like the shield glove, may need different stages to gain XP. For the shield glove, try playing the battle missions in Marcadia and having the bevy of peons shoot your shield for XP.

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